WOW2: Women Pioneers of November and Events in Our History

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.” – Cheris Kramarae, feminist studies scholar

“Women solve problems, and often
we don’t get much credit for this because
the typical image of a leader is someone
which is loud, obnoxious, chest-pounding.
It’s not my view of what’s true
leadership is; true leaders are those
who work with great commitment to
do something.
Mazie Hironofirst woman elected
in the United States Senate from Hawaii


WOW2 is a four times a month sister blog to This week in the war on women. This edition covers stories from From November 1 to November 8.

The next episode of WOW2 will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2022.


“A theory in the flesh means a
where the physical realities of our
lives – our skin color, the earth or
concrete on which we grew, our
sexual desires – all merge
create a policy born out of necessity.
Here we try to fill the
contradictions in our experience:
we are colored
a white feminist movement.
We are the feminists among
the people of our culture.
We are often lesbians
among straight people.
We make this bridge in
naming ourselves and
telling our stories in
our own words.
Michelle Cliff,
Jamaican-American author
of Claim an identity
They taught me to despise


“I can’t afford the luxury of despair
or pessimism. We still have to hope.
We are a timeless people, we have lived
in a country out of time. We suffered
the invasion of two hundred years,
and we will continue to suffer. But we
will survive…”
Oodgeroo Noonuccal,
Australian Aboriginal poet, artist,
educator, activist and politician



The goal of WOW2 is to discover and honor accomplished women, including those who have been ignored or marginalized in most history books, and to mark moments in women’s history. It also serves as a reference archive on women’s history.

These pioneers have much to teach us about perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. I hope you find as much inspiration as I do in reclaiming our past..


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