Welcome banners in 8 different languages ​​added to Town Center

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Downtown Topeka added new banners on Wednesday, August 3 to make the community more inclusive.

Downtown Topeka Inc. added several banners along Kansas Ave. who say “welcome” in eight different languages, including Spanish, English, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Potawatomi, Ukrainian and German.

According to Rhiannon Friedman, President of Downtown Topeka Inc., the organization selected the languages ​​by looking at the most commonly spoken languages ​​in our area and then selected the top eight. Friedman also says the project was a community group effort.

“It was really an idea that was crafted by our marketing team, and then our equity director, Glenda Washington, was there to support us,” Friedman said. “We were able to work with native speakers from the Topeka area to ensure that we verified that all languages ​​were translated correctly. So it was great to meet new people in the community.”

DTI saw this as a way to bring more inclusivity to the community and show support for its businesses.

“As we open more businesses downtown, Olive Café, the Mediterranean restaurant, we have The Globe here, so we’re just trying to be inclusive and welcoming to all languages ​​and I hope those restaurant owners see that and feel happy knowing they are being taken care of downtown,” Friedman said.

Banners will be in place year round, except during holidays or special events.

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