Ukrainian crisis live: Germany suspends Russian gas pipeline after Putin orders troops to cross border | world news

We are united with Ukraine. We will not leave. We will continue to support you in any way we can.

I congratulate the Ukrainian leaders who, despite constant provocations, remain calm and express their will to resolve this conflict peacefully.

Russia must end the intolerable provocations and stop fueling the conflict, which has been going on for eight years. Moscow must immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces from Ukrainian territory and its immediate surroundings.

We strongly condemn all military and hybrid actions against Ukraine. We regret that, despite diplomatic efforts, there is no sign of a desire for de-escalation – quite the contrary, [with] the reinforcement of Russian forces continues, including in Belarus.

I join with all those who want us to have a way to secure peace through the force of diplomacy and dialogue.

Indeed, it is a defining moment in European history. President Putin will answer future generations for his violent acts. As European and Western leaders, we also have a responsibility to live up to our values [and] our commitment to a united and peaceful Europe. We regret every life lost.

It is our duty to protect our common values ​​and the democracy that we have all helped to build. A threat against Ukraine is a threat to the security of Europe.

The minimum we can do is to step up our concrete support for Ukraine, which Estonia has done and will continue to do. Within the EU, we will implement a massive set of sanctions and do so swiftly and decisively. But above all, we must keep the EU and NATO door open to Ukraine and we must have concrete next steps for deeper cooperation and integration.

We know you will continue to value democracy and stay on the path to reform. Finally, we will welcome you as a member of the European Union – you belong to Europe.

We support the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We remain fully committed to the policy of non-recognition of the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories. Ukraine has the right to defend its borders and its independence and we continue to help Ukraine build up its military capabilities to deal with aggression.

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