The man who avoided prison despite killing and eating his girlfriend

Murder alone can get you a life sentence if not an execution, but what about murder, rape and cannibalism? I mean, what was wrong with the justice system when it was discovered that Sagawa had murdered the girl he loved in cold blood? Let’s dig. Issei Sagawa is now a celebrity in Japan, he has appeared in many interviews and written many stories with chapters describing how he dismembered Renee Hartevelt and fed on her flesh. Issei never felt sorry for what he did, on the contrary, he is very proud of it. He claimed that killing Renee and feeding on her flesh was natural. This man once said in an interview that he was planning to do it again! He had planned the cannibalism three decades before he met Renee. Alright, let’s take a look at his life before Renee’s.

Most killers often claim they were abused by parents or bullied by friends and society, but Issie Sagawa, born April 26, 1949, said he never faced any. He was one of many lucky Japanese children born to wealthy parents, he never really had to deal with financial hardship growing up and growing up. But Issie Sagawa had a health problem.

Unlike some infants around the world, Sagawa was born weak and frail, he was short and had short legs. Because of this, Issie couldn’t deal with the shame of being seen as a different human being, he stayed indoors for most of his childhood. Since he had little or no business with the outside world, Issie stuck to his books, he read a lot and widely.

If you have read the popular book Hansel and Gretel which shows a time of famine once in Europe you would know the book was illustrating cannibalism. Issie Sagawa not only liked to read, he preferred gory stories that show the act of killing someone, in fact, Hansel and Gretel was his favorite novel.

Issie was never fascinated by kisses and hugs, he considered biting the flesh of his loved ones the perfect way to show his affection. He always wondered how tasty his classmates thigh would be. He fell in love with beautiful white women but only to taste their flesh.

Issei’s first victim was a German woman who was sleeping peacefully in her room when Issei came in, he tried to slice off part of her buttocks but the woman caught him. Issie Sagawa was later arrested by the police for attempted rape but the case was dismissed when Issie’s father allegedly paid a colossal sum to the victim.

Because of this, his hunger for human meat grew stronger every day he had been close once how about a second try.

Issie moved to Paris to study literature and after a while in his studies he started bringing prostitutes home every night and every time he tried to shoot them but he just couldn’t resolve to do so. Due to his lack of courage, Issei’s hunger for human meat continued to grow.

He finally met a very beautiful lady who would make his life as a cannibal famous. Renee Hartevelt was a 25-year-old Dutch woman at the time of her death. Renee was friendly and adorable but Issie wanted a taste of her skin. A few days after their first meeting, Issie invited her to his apartment apparently to help him on a mission.

Renee’s attention was drawn to the mission when the bullet passed through her neck, she died instantly. Issie passed out, he couldn’t believe he killed someone. That’s how far he’s come in his last 32 years of craving human meat.

He probably thought it was time to show his affection to Renee, he had slept with her corpse before cutting her body into pieces. He even took recordings in the form of photos at each stage of the crime, he ate to his satisfaction. When the leftovers started to stink, he decided to throw them in a lake.

It turned out that Issie’s plan to dump the body in a lake was wrong, the police arrested him when they saw two bloody suitcases with him. This is where you would say it’s over for him but NO.

He was held in prison for two years, patiently waiting for the day of the trial which never came. His rich dad paid a very good lawyer, Issie was declared mentally unfit to stand trial. For this reason, he was locked up in a mental health facility.

Renee Haesvelt and Issie Sagwa. Below is the chest that contained Renee’s remains. | The source; listen to notes

A popular Japanese writer visited the facility for an interview with the murderer, which greatly aided his fame in Japan. He was quickly released by French authorities as the charges were dropped and deported to Japan. Issie Sagawa has been tested and declared mentally stable.

Issie Sagawa became a celebrity who was invited to speak and write about his heinous crime, he was proud of what he had done, lived from it and made sure to encourage people.

You’re probably feeling sorry for Renee right now, a beautiful lady with a bright future killed in such a bizarre way, but her murderer can walk to this day. Well, that’s not entirely true.

Issie Sagawa | Source; anything interesting

After his sudden fame, Issie was quickly cast aside by his own society, no organization or writer was more willing to work with him. Issie is now over 70 and lives somewhere outside of Tokyo. He is said to have been battling a fatal heart condition, fueled by a tube in his stomach, limited to the distance his wheelchair can take him. No one wanted to marry him, he survived with the help of his brother who still thinks he has to take care of his brother.

“The desire to eat people gets so intense around June when women start wearing less and showing more skin. So yeah, I still harbor that desire and I specifically want to eat a Japanese woman this time” – Issie Sagawa

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