The Hulett Collection Fine Art Gallery: A Century of Photography: 1920 – 2020

The Hulett Collectionan art gallery specializing in classic 20th century and contemporary photographic works, opened the gallery’s first physical space in the historic Cherry Street district of downtown Tulsa.

The inaugural exhibition, a visual timeline of photography titled “A century of photography: 1920 – 2020will present more than 40 photographs of the early classic works of Dassonville and André Kertész to a selection of mid-century masters like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Additionally, works by many of today’s top emerging analog photographers, such as Kit Young and Luigi Vegini, will be featured. Original photographs are available for purchase and prices range between $800 and $35,000.

The founder of the Hulett Collection, Michael Hulett, is a Tulsa native who began his career in the world of fine art over 20 years ago. More recently, he spent ten years as director of the famed Peter Fetterman Gallery in Los Angeles before moving to his hometown of Tulsa this year. Hulett has held over 85 exhibitions in major cities including Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

“Tulsa brings back a lot of memories, from my childhood to my first home. More importantly, it now represents my future and the future of my family,” Hulett said. “When I decided to open a physical space, it felt right to bring my vision of fine art photography to Tulsa. The Hulett Collection may well be the first such art gallery here and I hope it will be a welcome addition to the cultural landscape of this beautiful city.

Going forward, The Hulett Collection, Tulsa’s preeminent fine art photography gallery, will feature works by the world’s leading photographers, including Ansel Adams, Garry Winogrand, René Groebli, and Sebastião Salgado, among others. Customers will have the ability to browse over 500 works in one store with direct support from Hulett. Works from the collection are also available online at

“It is a tremendous honor to be represented by The Hulett Collection and to see my work displayed alongside an array of inspiring photographs produced by several undisputed masters of photography,” said Kit Young, a photographer whose works are presented in the inaugural exhibition. “Michael and his Tulsa Gallery will provide the local community with the opportunity to interact with these historic works of art in an intimate setting for years to come.”

About the Hulett Collection:
The Hulett Collection is an art gallery specializing in classic 20th century and contemporary photographic works. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Michael Hulett started in the world of fine art more than 10 years ago in Los Angeles as the director of the famous Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica. He has organized more than 85 exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London and Paris. Michael brings over 20 years of knowledge of the history of the medium and its greatest photographers to The Hulett Collection.

The Hulett Collection Fine Art Gallery
1311 E. 15th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

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