The 10 smartest people in the office

Office is full of wacky characters whose antics may hide the fact that there are clever minds at work at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Sometimes a character’s intelligence is made quite obvious, while other times you have to connect the dots to see that a character is not as dumb as they seem.

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They may work in a struggling paper company, but that doesn’t mean these employees are devoid of various types of intelligence. Indeed, some staff members have accomplished great things in their post-paper lives.

ten Toby Flenderson is educated and has common sense

Michael Scott and Toby have lunch together

Michael Scott’s nemesis, Toby Flenderson, has a few things the “Threat Level Midnight” writer / illustrator lacks, namely common sense, skill, and a master’s degree in social work from Temple University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

In a clever analogy, Toby likened Michael to a movie on an airplane: “nothing special but something to watch.” In “Counseling,” Toby prompts Michael to talk about his childhood and personal relationships by suggesting that they play games like Connect Four.

9 Stanley Hudson has a weary wisdom of the world

stanley hudson the office doing crossword

Stanley Hudson seems like a man capable of more than just working for a struggling paper company. Despite the stress Michael put him through, Stanley could get away with just about anything with such a man in charge, like doing crosswords at his desk and during meetings, another sign of his intelligence. .

Stanley has a certain weary wisdom of the world that can only be learned through experience.

8 Jim Halpert is smart and has a big imagination

Jim Halpert was in many ways the opposite of Michael Scott: young, popular and smart. After years of drifting into a job too easy for him, Jim found himself in sports marketing firm Athlead.

While at Dunder Mifflin, he played many clever and inventive pranks on Dwight, was promoted to Deputy Regional Manager and Co-Manager, and was one of the top sales people in the business.

seven Pam Halpert (Née Beesly) is a classic underachiever

Pam Beesly made no secret of the fact that she believed the job of a receptionist at a bankrupt paper company was beneath her, believing that she was capable of much more, but lacked the courage to ‘follow your dream to the end.

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Pam is witty, listened to what was going on in the office, and was a talented artist. Even though it was a made-up job, her promotion to office administrator proved that she was capable of more than “just” being a receptionist.

6 Oscar Martinez liked to flaunt his intelligence

Oscar Martinez The Office

Oscar Martinez is known to insert himself into conversations to correct grammar or add facts, much to the chagrin of his colleagues. After working for Dunder Mifflin, Oscar ran for state senator, which is hard to imagine for anyone who has worked at the company (at least with some success).

With interests such as literature and the fine arts, not to mention that as an accountant he was good at math, it seemed like Oscar’s talents could be better used elsewhere.

5 With good ideas, Darryl Philbin made his way to a better job

the office darryl philbin smiling at the office

Darryl Philbin started out as a great leader in the warehouse, who knew how to keep his workers happy. He then came up with ideas that benefited the company and allowed him to move into the office.

Darryl proved himself to be a savvy businessman by paying Toby $ 200 for a doll he wanted to buy for his daughter, and anyone who can arouse Dwight Schrute’s suspicions must be smart.

4 Dwight Schrute is a multi-talented fountain of knowledge

Dwight as a manager in The Office.

While Dwight Schrute was often the butt of Jim’s pranks during their feud, there were times he used his wits to put an end to Jim. One example is when he dressed up as a snowman before bombarding Jim with snowballs and defeating him in a snowball fight.

Dwight was also an excellent salesperson, speaks German and has extensive knowledge of various subjects, such as survival and martial arts.

3 Angela Schrute (Née Martin) is a smart knowledge sponge

As head of the accounting department, Angela was in charge of a World Poker Tour winner and a future candidate for state senator. She loves to soak up knowledge, as seen listening intently to a Ben Franklin impersonator in “Ben Franklin” and Dwight’s floor talk in “The Job”.

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Angela is clever and clever and has been able to keep her relationship with Dwight a secret for a long time using code names and well-orchestrated dates.

2 Kevin Malone can secretly be a genius

Kevin Malone the desk holding a bowling pot

Among the many fan theories for Office, one is that Kevin Malone is secretly a genius who has embezzled money, and for good reason. A diploma hanging in his workspace shows Kevin earned an Associate of Science degree from Penn Foster College.

He shows incredible math skills when calculating the time it would take to get to a pie stand before it closes in the episode “Work Bus”, he is a talented musician and he won the World Poker Tour.

1 Creed Bratton can speak Chinese and outsmart the government

Creed Bratton at his desk in the office

Creed Bratton is a man shrouded in mystery. He makes a living from scuba diving, frequently forgets the names of his colleagues and is rare at the mention of a murder investigation. However, there are aspects of Creed that show his intelligence.

He speaks Chinese, makes fake IDs and enjoys playing Spider Solitaire on his computer. He also avoided bankruptcy by using a fake passport, proving he was able to outsmart the US government.

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