Spend Every Day at the Missouri State Fair and Get Paid for It

Ever wanted to spend all day at the fair and get paid for it? Well, the Missouri State Fair can make that dream come true. And you will even get paid. There’s just one catch, they expect you to work.

The Missouri State Fair is preparing to hire temporary and seasonal employees there for this year. Applications will start to be accepted at the personnel desk in the administration building opposite the grandstand on June 23. What types of jobs are therefore available?

There are the entrances, where you tear up tickets and can handle money. You can work behind the scenes, which can take you behind the scenes at concerts. There is the inauguration and the taking of tickets at the grandstand. There is hospitality, where you will greet the public and answer their questions. There is driving or the role of host in one of the trams. There are also departments like concierge, advertising, carnival, recipes and the youth team.

The youth team, if you are wondering, does outdoor work in the mornings and afternoons at the fair.

As someone who spent a lot of time at the fair hanging out in our broadcast tent, I can tell you that most of these jobs will leave you hot, sweaty, and dusty. However, they will also give you a great tan. Don’t forget the sunscreen, as that tan can quickly turn into a burn.

If you’re looking for something that will keep you in air-conditioned comfort, carnival work might be for you. Yeah, you’ll be at one of those little carnival ticket booths selling tickets and passes, but at least you’ll be cool. You can also apply for a job in the income field. These people process and count money, and it is done in the comfort of the air conditioning.

So if you’re looking to make summer moolah, the State Fair can help put some green in your pocket. You can find out more about employment with the fair on the Missouri State Fair website. Their downloadable app even lets you choose which department you want to work in.

Good luck in getting this job. And when you take a break, stop by our tent and say hello, we’ll be near the grandstand.

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