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Scores far above the state and country scores were achieved by students at four comprehensive high schools in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District in the prestigious Advanced Placement Program exams.

And a record number of International Baccalaureate assessments with a pass rate of 99% have been achieved by students from the equally prestigious IB program at Lycée de Valence.

Passing scores – three or more on a five-point scale for AP and four or more on a seven-point scale for IB – can earn college credit and allow students to bypass introductory courses. Decisions about credits and classroom placements are made by individual universities.

A total of 4,376 AP exams were administered to first-year students through senior students at El Dorado, Esperanza, Valencia, and Yorba Linda high schools, and 454 IB assessments were published for students. of the first cycle and second cycle of the Lycée de Valence during a trial period in May.

Here’s how schools passed the AP tests, according to data provided by the district:

El Dorado: 976 tests were administered to 21 subjects for a success rate of 74%. The six highest-rated tests for the Hawks were 3D Art and Design, German Language and Culture, AB Calculus, 2D Art and Design, Biology, and Spanish Language and Culture.

Esperanza: 652 tests were administered to 23 subjects for a success rate of 73%. The six top-rated tests for the Aztecs were Drawing, 2D Art and Design, 3D Art and Design, Biology, Statistics, and Spanish Language and Culture.

Valence: 1,676 tests were administered to 26 subjects for a success rate of 78%. The six highest-rated tests for Tigers were 3D art and design, chemistry, macroeconomics, principles of computing, Chinese language and culture, and Spanish literature and culture.

Yorba Linda: 1,072 tests were administered to 24 subjects for a success rate of 86%. The six highest-rated tests for Mustangs were Computer Science Principles, Spanish Language and Culture, Chinese Language and Culture, German Language and Culture, 2D Art and Design, and Language and Culture. French culture.

State and national success rates are in the bottom 60 percentiles.

The most popular test was English Language and Composition, taken by 625 students (150 in El Dorado, 102 in Esperanza, 237 in Valencia and 136 in Yorba Linda), followed by European History, taken by 343 students (106 in El Dorado, 59 in Esperanza, 104 in Valencia and 74 in Yorba Linda), and US History, followed by 254 students (68 in El Dorado, 44 ​​in Esperanza, 76 in Valencia and 66 in Yorba Linda).

IB Valencia students were assessed in 19 subjects, with passing scores obtained in 448 out of 454 assessments for a pass rate of 99%. According to coordinator Fred Jenkins, all 72 IB senior students have graduated from the IB. Global success rates were on average 80%.

This year, the campus has 461 IB students, 162 in 9th, 130 in 10th, 87 in 11th and 82 in 12th, according to IB advisor Mark Stanley.

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