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New Delhi: On Friday, a routine virtual hearing at Delhi High Court turned into a memorable hearing for two sisters struggling to pay for their education. Ten lawyers, unrelated to the current case, raised more than a lakh of Rs for the two students so that they could continue to pursue their college dreams. The judge praised their efforts.
The funds came as the distraught mother explained in court how her two daughters may have to withdraw from school because her ex-husband refused to pay for their studies.
“The petitioner and her daughters are clearly overwhelmed by the generous influx of financial aid and emotional support from the learned lawyers present in court. The court welcomes the fact that the members of the bar have reacted so vigorously to improve the financial difficulties of the two young students and furthermore assured that the studies would not be hampered for lack of financial means ”, declared the satisfied judge Najmi Waziri. in order.
The court said it “appreciates the assurance” and added that “gestures, such as these, continue to reassure society about the nobility of the legal profession and that the bounty of human kindness awaits. than to be exploited “.
While the immediate need was Rs 87,400 – Rs 75,000 for the youngest girl pursuing law courses and Rs 12,400 for the eldest enrolled in a German language institute, the court declared that a sum of Rs 1 02 100 had already been collected.
The high court heard a plea from a woman who said she and her two daughters faced dire financial straits because the father failed to pay them money in terms of a registered settlement and commitment made to this tribunal.
She added that her youngest daughter, who is pursuing her BA-LLB and is currently in 3rd grade, was forced to miss her midterm exams due to non-payment of tuition fees. Now the revised fees must be filed by January 10, otherwise she will lose her academic year. Her eldest daughter is undergoing diploma training at the Goethe Institut, but has been appointed an external student due to non-payment of fees.
The woman argued that her husband could afford it, but his past conduct is evidence that he would rather have his daughters drop out of college than give them financial aid.
Even as the court was considering a solution, several lawyers who were connected and awaiting their case, took the floor, offering to contribute to the education costs of the two girls. “Many other lawyers also joined us and assured that they too would contribute and ensure that the ongoing studies of the two daughters were not abruptly interrupted due to monetary constraints,” the High Court noted, recording the names of the lawyers who participated.
He also said that the law student would still have to pay 60,000 rupees per year for the 4th and 5th years and asked the president of the Delhi High Court Bar Association to look into the matter.

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