New England Patriots Award Germany International Home Marketing Zone Status January 1, 2022

FOXBOROUGH, Mass .– As part of the National Football League’s International Home Marketing Area (HMA) initiative, the New England Patriots submitted a proposal and were awarded Germany as an international home market. For at least the next five years, this program will provide the Patriots with opportunities for in-person and digital marketing, corporate sponsorship sales, fan events, activations, merchandise sales and co-relationships. marketing with other sports and entertainment properties in Germany.

“When it comes to international markets, Germany has always had the most passionate fan base for American football,” said Patriots chief executive officer Robert Kraft. “We have worked hard to grow our global fan base since I bought the Patriots in 1994 and have been blessed with exponential growth in Germany since the draft of Sebastian Vollmer in 2009, a native German who experienced an 8 year career with the Patriots and retired a two-time Super Bowl champion. Our popularity continued to grow with the addition of Jakob Johnson in 2019. With this new NFL initiative, we look forward to committing with the fans in Germany in new and creative ways and we can’t wait to play a game there. “

The Patriots were the first NFL team to provide German-language content to area fans, launching Twitter and Instagram accounts and a landing page on in 2017. In the years since, the team has brought German fans to regular season and playoff games at Gillette Stadium via raffles, has broadcast live preseason matches in Germany with Sebastian Vollmer and Markus Kuhn, and collaborated with German broadcasters on the first regular season live broadcast from the United States to Germany. The team also launched a long series of German-language videos featuring Vollmer and Jakob Johnson, showing fans an overview of the team’s operations, in addition to running monthly Q&A with fans and Vollmer.

From 2022, the team will be allowed to work with and through strategic partners to develop business opportunities in Germany. Organizing watch nights for Patriots games, organizing football camps, partnering with German sponsors, and organizing Goodwill Ambassador tours with Patriots players are all permitted as part of the program. of the HMA program and will be one of many opportunities the Patriots start chasing starting in January. To lead the way, the Patriots have engaged Globalization Partners, a leading global jobs platform, based in Boston, to recruit and hire staff headquartered in Germany.

“We are proud to partner with Kraft Sports + Entertainment and the New England Patriots as they expand their business internationally and establish a presence in Germany,” said Jess Dodge, Director of Growth, Globalization Partners. “Globalization Partners is uniquely positioned to help the Patriots build a team in Germany quickly, efficiently and compliantly through our automated global employment platform. We are delighted that their fans in Germany are benefiting from this rapid entry into the market. “

All 32 NFL clubs were able to submit proposals for whatever eligible country or countries they wanted. Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom were other countries in the domestic market. The process required teams to detail a 5-year business plan for each country. Already a fan favorite in Germany, with the most following of any NFL club on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, the Patriots have chosen Germany as the international HMA to focus on in 2022.

Over the next few months, the Patriots will announce new initiatives and events planned for Germany. To stay up to date with these announcements, sign up for the Patriots Deutschland newsletter.

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