Musk Factor team presents new comic – Public Radio of Armenia

The writers of the Musk Factor comedy series created the Templars’ Code book. They raised the necessary funds through crowdfunding on, raising over $12,000 within hours, double the expected $6,600.

The team plans to present the book this summer. The comic highlights Armenian cultural landmarks, especially the Matenadaran, where the map of Mars is kept.

Templars’ Code is an original and explosive comic pack filled with mystical adventures, time travel and everyone’s favorite order of chivalry: the Templars. Set in the era of Mars colonization, this is an out-of-this-world adventure comic that follows Tom, a pioneering engineer employed by a Mars colony. On Mars, Tom stumbles upon the Holy Grail and with it travels back in time to help Nicola Tesla prevent many catastrophic events of the 20th century.

Mars is a new world for humans; it is a fascinating place of mystery and intrigue. The masses believe that Mars is nothing but a barren wasteland – an empty planet perpetuated by heat, high winds and endless deserts. But Tom, burning with faith, soon reveals secrets hidden under the sand dunes of Mars. By doing so, Tom may be able to prove that this seemingly lifeless planet is in fact the very heart of primordial events that run through time itself.

Templars’ Code will be just one of many stories set in the Musk Factor universe. These comics will cover a diverse set of stories and characters, all inspired by our Musk Factor series. The show, a satirical social commentary on the changing world of technology, is a 10-episode series dedicated to telling the story of AI technology, virtual reality, crypto as currency de facto, the colonization of Mars and much more.

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