Meet Anas Darkoushy, from Syria at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Anas Darkoushy fled Syria for Germany after the war started. Now he is getting his MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Last name: Anas Darkoushy

Place of birth: Damascus – Syria

Place of residence: Mannheim – Germany

Undergraduate Program and Business School:

Part-time MBA at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Can you tell us a bit about your life and career before you study a business degree?

Before getting my MBA, I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on finance and investment from my home country, Syria. Before starting my MBA, I worked in my home country for 10 years (2005 – 2015) in telecommunications. I have several roles and responsibilities (5 years as Operations Coordinator, 4 years as Corporate Key Accounts Manager, 1 year as Facilities Management Coordinator). In September 2015 I moved to Germany in the city of Mannheim and in February 2016 I started my first full time job in Germany as administrative and IT coordinator at the German Red Cross in the Mannheim region . I hold this position until September 2018. In October 2018, I started my MBA.

Tell us about your decision to seek refuge and relocate, and the journey that involved?

I decided to go to Germany after war broke out in Syria and the country became too dangerous to live there. The trip was dangerous, which is why I did it myself initially, with plans for my family to join at a safer time. the route was possible. My family was able to join 10 months later in Germany, where we sought refuge and where we now live.

What did you find most difficult about arriving in a whole new country?

Communicating with people from different cultures is not an easy process. However, the German language is not that kind of language that you can learn quickly. Communicating with Germans in their language can open many doors, which is why I have tried, and continue to do my best to become professional in the German language.

Why did you decide to apply for the Frankfurt School and the part-time MBA?

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Finance and Investment in Syria in 2010, I thought I was done with education and it was time to focus on work. Having a full time job and studying an MBA is not something that could be done easily in Syria. After moving to Germany, I was told about the possibility of studying and working at the same time. I immediately started my research to find out how and where to do it!

Choosing to do an MBA was a big decision, but it was only the first in a long line of important decisions to follow. The first practical question I had to face was: where do I want to study? There are some great business schools in Europe that offer part-time MBA programs, but I’ve always wanted to be a student at one of the best schools, and yes, that’s the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, located in Frankfurt am Main. Being able to get to know one of the world’s major financial centers during my studies attracted me a lot.

How was your experience and what did you find the most difficult?

Being a full-time spouse and father of two who had to travel 2 hours a day (round trip) to work while studying for a part-time MBA is not at all easy. Thank you to my beloved wife who supported me on this two year journey and to my children who accepted my long absence in order to have a better future for our family.

Can you tell us about your life and career after graduation?

Since I started my MBA, I had the opportunity to start working as a Working-Student at Helaba Bank from November 2018. Thanks to my MBA, I had the opportunity to write my MBA thesis at WIBank (sister company of Helaba) in the field. automation of robotic processes in the banking sector. After that, I joined WIBank as an IT service specialist. In the meantime, my wife and I have bought a beautiful house and we hope to move in in September 2021.

What skills have you used from the program in your career?

I learned a lot from my MBA. Management and leadership skills, learn how to run a startp, Blockchain technology, digitization and AI applications and understand the basic concept of mergers and acquisitions and investing.

What advice would you give to other refugees who wish to leave their country and are considering studying a business degree?

There are a lot of study opportunities waiting to be picked up. Prepare to learn and acquire the skills that can prepare you for your future. Once you find your perspective for the future, you will surely find a way to beat any battles you face to make your dream come true.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Creation and management of my own startup.


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