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Longtime educator Dr. Max Galván passed away peacefully with his family on September 21, 2021 in Winterville, North Carolina. Max was born in 1939 in Huanta, Peru, (son of the late Guillermo Galván and Benedicta Gonzales). Max immigrated from Peru to the United States in 1961 and soon joined the United States military. He was honorably released after 6 years, obtaining both citizenship and a scholarship to continue his education. While stationed in Munich, Germany, he met his wife Monika. Max obtained a doctorate (Hofstra) and EdD (Rutgers) and completed all but the defense of his thesis relating to a 3rd doctorate in German literature. He also obtained several master’s degrees and professional diplomas. He has amassed numerous honors including a Fulbright Scholar Award, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society membership, and countless teaching and other awards. He began his teaching career as an elementary school teacher for New York City Public Schools in the 1970s, then held teaching positions at NYU, CW Post, Rutgers, and Hofstra. He returned to work in elementary schools and served as an administrator in Hempstead, NY, until his retirement in 1994. Max was trilingual with working fluency in five additional languages. In retirement, he was a part-time professor at Five Towns College, teaching in various disciplines ranging from literature to mathematics. He continued to give private lessons to his many grandchildren and anyone else who was interested. His personal passion for writing poetry and philosophical pieces continued until his death. He is survived by his wife Monika and his children Irmina, Elba, Rafael, Rodrigo and Maxin. He will be remembered by his extended family as a pioneer, the first to leave Peru, who opened the door for dozens of loved ones to follow his example, including those who became soldiers, bankers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Memorial services will be held at Summit Park in New York City, Central Park, on October 11, 2021. Online condolences can be made at

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