Kaczyński: “The EU treaties are no longer in force”, Berlin wants a “Fourth German Reich”

The leader of the ruling party in Poland, JarosÅ‚aw KaczyÅ„ski, said that the European Union treaties – which form the basis of EU law – are no longer in force because they have been violated by the European institutions, which block Polish funds “illegally”.

He also warned that the EU is currently moving towards a “Fourth Reich” under German rule, but pledged that Poland and other countries would resist such changes.

EU becomes “Fourth Reich under German hegemony”, says Polish Deputy Minister

Talking to the Conservative Daily Gazeta Polska Codziennie in an interview published on Friday, KaczyÅ„ski said that the goal of the new German government is to “build a federal EU under the leadership of Berlin”.

“If we, as Poles, accepted such modern serfdom, we would be degraded in various ways,” said KaczyÅ„ski, who as chairman of the national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party is the most powerful politician in the country. country.

Poland is one of the many countries “not keen on building the German Fourth Reich on the basis of the EU,” KaczyÅ„ski said. But he clarified that by using such language, he “was not referring to a [continuation] from [Nazi] Third Reich, but in the First Reich ”.

“I think that [the term ‘Fourth Reich’] reflects quite well the direction of these changes, ”KaczyÅ„ski explained. He argued that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is being used as a “tool” to create a federal superstate. Its judgments provide a “legal pseudo-alibi for usurpation [of powers] beyond the treaties ”.

Polish schools will learn EU is ‘illegal entity’, education minister says

“The treaties have ceased to be in force and the new legislator is the CJEC”, declared the president of the PiS. He also accused the European Commission of acting “completely illegally” by blocking Poland’s payments from the EU’s Covid recovery fund over rule of law concerns.

Meanwhile, “the madness of the energy transformation” implemented by the commission “would drive Polish families into poverty within a decade,” KaczyÅ„ski said. The Polish government “must protect citizens and businesses against this aggressive action”, he added.

KaczyÅ„ski said his party “is trying to build a front” to oppose the current EU leadership. His party recently hosted the latest in a series of meetings between right-wing and far-right European leaders, including Viktor Orbán and Marine Le Pen.

Main image credit: Slawomir Kaminski / Agencja Gazeta

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