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The photo above, taken circa 1895, shows the Lincoln YMCA in its then nearly new purpose-built home on the southwest corner of 13th and N streets, just a few years before it became the home of the Freie Presse and becomes the press building. .


JIM McKEE for Lincoln Journal star

It is not surprising that the newspapers, which formed one of the first businesses in the new villages, became the printers of the community. Small towns could seldom provide enough business for job printers and because newspapers had printing presses the combination was obvious.

In Lincoln, a German community formed with German immigrants who had lived in Russia and settled mainly in what became known as South Bottoms.

A second wave, from another province, arrived in 1888, forming the community known as North Bottoms. As the percentage of German-speaking Lincolnites increased, so did the demand for newspapers printed in their native language.

Jim McKee: A long, winding road for settlers heading to western Nebraska

The first Lincoln-based German-language newspaper appeared in 1871 when the Staats-Zeitung moved to Lincoln from Nebraska City using the State Journal presses, the first issue of which, in 1867, was also printed in the city of Nebraska. The State Journal’s first office and printing house was located at the southwest corner of Ninth Street and W.

The third Lincoln newspaper appeared in 1868 when The Statesman, a Democratic-leaning newspaper, which originally operated in the cities of Omaha and Nebraska, moved to the capital by Augustus Harvey and established offices on the side. west of 10th Street between N and W. Streets. They were followed by The Politician, who quickly changed his name to Lincoln Leader, with offices on the southeast corner of 10th and O streets and became known as being “political radical”.

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