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They report that seven in ten consumers abandon their complaint without a complete solution.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzn, appears after the celebration of a Council of Ministers.

Consumer associations rebel against the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzn, and they criticize that the client protection bill approved by the Government and recently passed to the Congress of Deputies is clearly insufficient to stop the degradation in customer service that is underway due to the massive shutdowns of branches and offices. the gradual increase in commissions. All in one year that the Bank of Spain expects to close with a historic record of customer complaints.

Their criticisms focus on the lack of penalties for certain abuses in the sale of products and on what they see as poor customer service which in most cases results in legal action. “We consider that the mechanisms for auditing the quality of customer service are insufficient if there are no measures to assess and sanction that after going through customer service, you find yourself irremediably before the courts”, he explains. Patricia Surez, President of Asufin.

This association is very disappointed by the persistent delay in the approval of the Financial Client Protection Authority, retained by the government for years and which could not be operational before 2023. “If the constitution of a truly independent banking authority and endowed with a strong capacity of sanction were finally regulated, many problems would be solved. In the meantime, we consider that there are a lot of patches on this subject, ”adds Surez.

In the same manifest line Rubn Sanchez, spokesperson for Facua. This association considers that the obligation for the financial sector to have staff trained to serve its customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year, will not improve anything if the waiting time that a consumer can expect is not limited. to be healed. In addition, they criticize the fact that the law does not include the right to compensation for customers whose complaints are not dealt with on time and leaves a large company a month to respond. “We have been asking for a law that improves customer protection for three years, and this project is an absolute disappointment,” Snchez argues.

At Adicae nor do they believe that the text will improve service to financial clients. “The current draft fails to address the key issues of complaints systems, and another opportunity to correct serious shortcomings in some of the 20th century dispute resolution mechanisms is lost. In the end, seven out of ten consumers abandon their complaint without a complete solution and without reaching public user services, ”they underline in the association. “It is a vague and ineffective proposal”, they conclude in the association which directs Manuel Pardos.

For their part, financial sources specify that a large part of the obligations included in the new law have already been implemented by the entities in recent years. “Banks maintain, on their own initiative, customer relationship channels 24/7, as is the case with care related to means of payment, transfers or other banking operations that the customer wishes to carry out from its applications, and this despite the fact that they do not provide services of a public nature or linked to health emergencies or the safety of people who require intensive attention, ”they explain.

The new regulation includes as a novelty the obligation for the financial sector, including here banks and insurance companies, to have a client mediator, who must be an entity or an independent expert of recognized prestige to assist and resolve complaints. “The entities must adopt the necessary measures to separate the service or the customer service from the other commercial or operational services of the organization, so as to guarantee that the latter makes its decisions concerning the perimeter of its activity in an autonomous way”, specifies the communicated. take out the plan.

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