“I’m not going to give it up”

John Lydon talks about his wife’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

The former Sex Pistols frontman, also known as Johnny Rotten, appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to discuss the devastating neurological disorder that has impacted the couple’s lives.

The 65-year-old married 78-year-old Nora Forster in 1979. He first revealed the diagnosis of the German edition heiress in 2018 and has since dedicated his time to being her keeper.

“It happened really strong and really fast,” the star said on the morning show. “Of course, the doctors ask you questions. ‘When did the symptoms first start?’ But I really don’t know like I told the last doctor. She could always have lost her keys. Are these indicators? “

“She can go back 20 years and remember the smallest details with complete precision,” he explained. “Now it’s fascinating. For me it’s a journey I have to take and I’m not going to give it up.”


Lydon admitted that in some ways Forster’s wrestling was a “strange blessing” as it not only brought them together, but he learned a lot about himself.

And after 45 years of marriage, Lydon said the secrecy of their union was disputed.

“We rowed openly and willingly with the greatest pleasure,” he said. “It’s really cowardly. You have to do this and let off steam.”

At the end of the interview, Lydon became visibly moved when talking about his wife.

“Tell Nora I love her,” Lydon said, looking at the camera.


In August, Lydon told the UK Mirror that it hadn’t been easy to watch a loved one suffer from mental decline.

“It’s hard to deal with advice from people with good intentions,” he told the outlet. “But I have people who tell me about their mother or their aunt, who have dementia. And it’s not the same for me because Nora is my mate. It’s a huge world of difference. And there is no real literature out there or expert advice to help me. “

Lydon added that the two spend their time watching classic comedies on TV. The couple reside in the Los Angeles seaside suburb of Marina del Rey.

“We’ve always had a good sense of humor,” he said. “It’s absolutely vital. I think humor keeps you smart.”

In 2014, Lydon spoke candidly about her relationship with Forster.

“When I first met Nora, my future wife, we hated each other so much that we were drawn together like magnets,” he told The Guardian at the time. “She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She was so well educated, funny and beautifully dressed, with a nod to 1940s film noir. I was never unfaithful, though I was. have had a lot of opportunities in the Sex Pistols. “

“… The thought of losing Nora is unbearable,” he continued. “If one of us comes before the other, it will be murder for the survivor. She’s older than me but women live longer, so we should die at exactly the same time. That would be perfect.”

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