How accurate is the “large”? 10 books and films to learn more

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  • “The Great” tells a very dramatized story about Catherine the Great, the famous Russian Empress.
  • We spoke to a historian about the accuracy of the series and the best books to find out more about Catherine.
  • This contains spoilers for season two of “The Great”.

With the cheeky slogan “A Sometimes True Story”, Hulu’s hit show “The Great” about Russian Empress Catherine the Great (1729-1796) practically begs fans to investigate elements of the weird show that are real.

Theater historian Professor Lurana O’Malley of the University of Hawaii – who researched and translated the writings of Catherine the Great – notes that while many details of the show are either exaggerated or downright false (like Peter killing Catherine’s mother during a sexual encounter), she still enjoys the show and even believes that Catherine herself would have enjoyed it.

Satirical plays written by Catherine herself – as well as other books and videos produced on the Queen – can help us better understand this period. For fans of the series looking to dive a little deeper into the story, we chatted with O’Malley to find the best books and resources to learn more about Catherine the Great.

The 10 best books and resources to learn more about Catherine the Great:

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