Georgia law enforcement and international partners solve transnational call center fraud

Georgia’s attorney general’s office said Wednesday it solved a transnational crime involving fraudulent call center services in conjunction with law enforcement from seven partner nations.

As part of the effort, German and Georgian law enforcement carried out investigative activities at dozens of locations across Georgia, the office said, along with about 60 German law enforcement professionals. and 300 Georgians involved in the “large-scale operation”. several months of joint preparation.

Five fraudulent call center operations, dozens of individuals involved, as well as their apartments, cars and workplaces were searched as part of the effort, along with hundreds of electronic media, documents and a “large amount” of money seized as a result, the state agency announced.

Property obtained through the fraudulent operations through criminal means and funds placed by them in their bank accounts were also confiscated, while one of the group’s organizers was arrested.

The group’s activities involved setting up businesses in different countries, including Georgia, before organizing fraudulent call center services and appropriating “millions of dollars” from state citizens. EU members, including Germany, the office said.

The members of the criminal group created e-commerce platforms under different brands, which ensured the placement of funds obtained fraudulently from customers in the bank accounts of the fictitious companies.

The latest effort comes after Georgian law enforcement, in cooperation with their German counterparts, in October 2021 arrested seven members of an international criminal group in Georgia who fraudulently embezzled ‘millions of euros’ from German citizens and laundered illegal income.

The arrests came after a group of Georgian and Israeli citizens set up six limited liability companies and ran a fraudulent call center service from 2015 to target citizens of various European countries.

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