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Margaret Haig Thomas (1883-1958) by Alice Mary Burton (1893-1968) Parliamentary Art Collection

Next week BBC Radio 4 shines the spotlight on Welsh suffragist Margaret Haig Thomas, better known as Lady Rhondda, appointed by former Supreme Court President Lady Hale for the Great Lives program.

Lady Hale will be joined by expert professor Angela V. John to discuss the living life of Lady Rhondda who survived the sinking of the Lusitania, went to jail for setting fire to a mailbox in the name of women’s rights and became the first and to date only a woman President of the Institute of Directors.

The show will air on Tuesday January 11 at 4.30 p.m., and again on Friday 14 at 11 p.m., after which it will be available for catch-up online.

Journalist, businesswoman and tireless champion of women’s rights, Margaret Haig Thomas (who became Mrs / Lady Mackworth and from 1918 Lady Rhondda) led a multi-faceted and powerful life as l ‘one of the animators of Welsh and English society in the first half of the 20th century. But this life was not without drama and danger as evidenced by these three extracts from his biography by Angela V. John, Turning the tide: the life of Lady Rhondda, Parthian, 2013:

In 1909, Margaret and activist Annie Kenney, both activists from Ms. Pankhurst’s Women’s Social and Political Union, held a women’s suffrage meeting at the Bowen Jenkins Memorial Hall in Aberdare.

Margaret was received with cheers, hoots and whistles. She first explained the main purpose of the WSPU, since Annie Kenney had advised her to always say what she wanted and why, and then how she planned to get it. But there followed such a cacophony of sounds – boos, screams, the shrill sound of a trumpet, the screams of a cat, a police whistle and a rattle – that his words were drowned out. She persevered, mentioning Asquith (cheers followed) and noting that she could not understand “how a liberal loyal to his principles can object to the vote being given to women on the same terms as men” … But “Inappropriate gestures,” the singing of funny songs and the noise from outside where a crowd was scratching the rough windows, ensured that nothing more could be said.

The women tried to restore peace, but herrings, ripe tomatoes and cabbages were thrown onto the platform. Even Kenney, a seasoned activist, had a hard time making his voice heard …

Aberdare’s reunion quickly got out of hand. Dead mice were thrown onto the platform and live mice let loose into the body of the room, along with hydrogen sulfide, snuff, and cayenne pepper (producing loud sneezing). Windows were smashed, many chairs were smashed, and “a certain fear was fostered of something approaching panic.” Although initially refusing to give up, after another ten minutes of unsuccessful attempts to be heard, even Kenney surrendered. The women slowly exited from the back of the platform into the gymnasium and escaped in a taxi.

In May 1915, during World War I, Margaret and her father, the industrialist and politician DA Thomas, returned from a business trip to the United States. They traveled on the Lusitania and when it was torpedoed not far from the Irish coast it was sucked in with the ship.

Margaret found herself at the bottom of the water in the dark. She still held her father’s lifeline. She later told reporters that she was “more and more terrified” of drowning by becoming entangled in part of the ship. But although her wrist caught on a rope and left a lasting mark, she managed to free it. She grabbed a piece of wood a few inches wide and several feet long.

She rose to the surface in the middle of what literally appeared to be a sea of ​​people. They were crammed with “boats, henhouses, chairs, rafts, planks and god knows what else”… Half dazed, Margaret was beyond acute fear. She later wrote that with death so near, “the acute agony of fear is not there; the thing is too overwhelming and amazing for that ‘…

A few boats were visible but it was impossible to swim more than a few fathoms and Margaret was loath to give up her board. It was extremely cold and the swell was making her sick. It also caused people and debris to drift away. She thought of a possible invention: Attaching a small bottle of chloroform to each lifeline would help the drowning person pass out. Looking at the sun high in the sky, she wished she could. It was the last thing she remembered.

But after about two and three-quarters hours in the water, as it started to get dark, she was picked up by a rowing boat. She had only been located because a wicker lounge chair had floated under her, lifting her up a bit. A mark in the water was detected and Margaret was discovered. She was presumed dead. She and a number of bodies were transferred to a small patrol steamer called the Bluebell which patrolled the waters between Kinsale and Ballycotton. She was dumped on the bridge. Fortunately, an aspirant thought that maybe there was “some life in this woman” and took care of her.

Turning the Tide by Professor Angela V. John

After his father had obtained his daughter’s permission from the monarch to succeed him as a “full peerage”, the 2sd Viscountess Rhondda argued that she and the two dozen other women in her place should be able to sit in the House of Lords. This is not the case, argued the Earl of Birkenhead, who was both Lord Chancellor and Speaker of the House of Lords. He overturned the decision to proceed that had been taken by a Lords committee.

In Birkenhead’s view, the judgments and opinions of the “average” woman were “more tinged with emotions and personal considerations” than those of the average man and, in times of crisis, could “prove to be a source of instability and disaster for the State ”.

The subject of women in the House of Lords struck a chord. It symbolized unfinished business for Margaret and was a natural part of the protracted struggle for the vote, ending women’s struggle for parliamentary representation. For Birkenhead, it was also linked to the past, rekindling visceral feelings towards savage activists …

The notion of peer women was far more threatening to Birkenhead than female suffrage. Because it struck the heart of his world. It threatened the male establishment that this clubbable man cherished most, the space and place that nurtured, exhibited and applauded his virtuoso performances and the seat of his authority. A verse in Time and Tide [the influential weekly paper that Margaret had founded in 1920 and would edit from 1926] spoke of “Bold Birkenhead” who thought:

it would put the whole sky in a rage,

See a peerage in the golden cage.

Margaret was everything Birkenhead worried about and vice versa. Unlike many Lords, she had spent her adult life working and in the male world of business. A cartoon from the Sunday Chronicle showed Birkenhead as a medieval Horatius holding the bridge as Lady Rhondda and her “Amazonian cohorts” advanced. Her relentless attack on women’s rights helped ensure that Margaret persisted.

Turning the Tide is published by Parthian and is available for purchase here… ..

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Parents fight, 10 lawyers pool Rs 1L for two sisters | Delhi News http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/parents-fight-10-lawyers-pool-rs-1l-for-two-sisters-delhi-news/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 22:54:00 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/parents-fight-10-lawyers-pool-rs-1l-for-two-sisters-delhi-news/ New Delhi: On Friday, a routine virtual hearing at Delhi High Court turned into a memorable hearing for two sisters struggling to pay for their education. Ten lawyers, unrelated to the current case, raised more than a lakh of Rs for the two students so that they could continue to pursue their college dreams. The judge praised their efforts.
The funds came as the distraught mother explained in court how her two daughters may have to withdraw from school because her ex-husband refused to pay for their studies.
“The petitioner and her daughters are clearly overwhelmed by the generous influx of financial aid and emotional support from the learned lawyers present in court. The court welcomes the fact that the members of the bar have reacted so vigorously to improve the financial difficulties of the two young students and furthermore assured that the studies would not be hampered for lack of financial means ”, declared the satisfied judge Najmi Waziri. in order.
The court said it “appreciates the assurance” and added that “gestures, such as these, continue to reassure society about the nobility of the legal profession and that the bounty of human kindness awaits. than to be exploited “.
While the immediate need was Rs 87,400 – Rs 75,000 for the youngest girl pursuing law courses and Rs 12,400 for the eldest enrolled in a German language institute, the court declared that a sum of Rs 1 02 100 had already been collected.
The high court heard a plea from a woman who said she and her two daughters faced dire financial straits because the father failed to pay them money in terms of a registered settlement and commitment made to this tribunal.
She added that her youngest daughter, who is pursuing her BA-LLB and is currently in 3rd grade, was forced to miss her midterm exams due to non-payment of tuition fees. Now the revised fees must be filed by January 10, otherwise she will lose her academic year. Her eldest daughter is undergoing diploma training at the Goethe Institut, but has been appointed an external student due to non-payment of fees.
The woman argued that her husband could afford it, but his past conduct is evidence that he would rather have his daughters drop out of college than give them financial aid.
Even as the court was considering a solution, several lawyers who were connected and awaiting their case, took the floor, offering to contribute to the education costs of the two girls. “Many other lawyers also joined us and assured that they too would contribute and ensure that the ongoing studies of the two daughters were not abruptly interrupted due to monetary constraints,” the High Court noted, recording the names of the lawyers who participated.
He also said that the law student would still have to pay 60,000 rupees per year for the 4th and 5th years and asked the president of the Delhi High Court Bar Association to look into the matter. Source link

Defending Taiwan requires spreading the financial “doomsday machine” http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/defending-taiwan-requires-spreading-the-financial-doomsday-machine/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 18:09:50 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/defending-taiwan-requires-spreading-the-financial-doomsday-machine/

As France and Germany became entangled in Russia in the years leading up to World War I, Britain devised plans for a financial weapon that could cripple an adversary at the start of a conflict.

France and Germany have attempted to use the financial entanglement for strategic peacetime purposes, only to see these plans backfire in wartime; at the same time, Britain tried to muster all the financial and economic tools in its arsenal for a splendid strike.

London, like Paris and Berlin, knew that World War I, the culmination of a century-long great power rivalry, would commit troops to the front lines as well as high finance in the world’s largest capital markets. Britain was the financial capital of the world and the guardian of the world’s largest Marine, maintained to protect the world’s largest merchant fleet.

In the ten years leading up to World War I, officers from the Admiralty’s Naval Intelligence Department planned to wage “an economic war of unprecedented magnitude” against Germany, the upstart challenger of the Great -Brittany. The aim was to stifle the German economy as soon as the war broke out. The plans included efforts to halt all British transactions and halt all trade with Germany in the hopes of crippling Berlin and forcing a quick surrender, as Nicholas Lambert Explain in Planning for Armageddon.

These officers believed that the peacetime characteristics of Anglo-German financial rivalry, such as cross-border trade and asset transactions, could be turned into weapons at the start of the war.

But when war came in August 1914, the strategy failed. The British War Office, the Foreign Office and the Board of Trade opposed the main efforts of the strategy. The British homeland was far from immune from the potential consequences of financial weapons; any sanctions regime would also lead to a slowdown in the UK economy.

The Admiralty had devised detailed plans for Financial Armageddon. British officials have pulled out. The focus shifted to the Western Front and the trenches of the shooting war.

Dreams of quick, bloodless financial victory by severing unsavory capital ties have never faded. Today, some US strategists are predicting what would amount to a new Financial Armageddon – a drastic program of sanctions, capital restrictions and asset seizures – to punish China if its People’s Liberation Army invaded Taiwan, a more and more likely results.

For the first time in the history of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing’s capabilities match its long-standing intentions to “reunify” Taiwan. Xi Jinping has revealed a weaker tolerance for the ambiguous status quo between the two shores; He sees Taiwan as a “hidden danger” which threatens “national rejuvenation” and has, more than any other Chinese leader since 1949, shown its willingness to stake the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party on the question of Taiwan.

In a Council on Foreign Relations report, Robert Blackwill and Philip Zelikow to propose the United States implements crushing economic sanctions in the event of an invasion of Taiwan. “First, the United States would freeze all assets held by China, or its citizens, in the United States. Then, “the United States would cut off and strictly control all trade or dollar transactions with China.” Other strategists to propose similar sanctions.

However, American planners who rely on financial weapons must take into account Britain’s failure to execute her “Planned Armageddon.” Despite efforts to build the perfect economic weapon, British officials deemed the risk of backfire too great.

The consequences of a sanctions program like those proposed by Blackwill and Zelikow are immense. China holds $ 1.1 trillion in US sovereign debt as US investors hold on $ 1.1 trillion in Chinese stocks and bonds. Larry Summers called this scale of interdependence “balance of financial terror– in other words, deterrence by mutual dependence.

Many believe that such interdependence could discourage war. In reality, financial interdependence could make a war of marksmanship more likely by sacrificing the viability of alternatives. Interdependence does not negate war; he denies the art of economic governance.

If Beijing precipitates a fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis, fear of financial Armageddon could leave the President two options: do nothing or initiate military measures in the hope that such a conflict may remain limited.

Counterintuitively, the immense scale of American and Chinese interdependence increases the chances that a confrontation will end in a war of fire.

In the frantic fog of a Taiwanese contingency, an American president may view the military option as the path of least resistance. This is certainly the best-prepared option, played by the president’s wealthiest department. It was also the choice of history; the United States turned to its military to resolve the first three crises in the Taiwan Strait. The strategy is often the product of a historical analogy, so the military option can also be seen as the default plan for the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis.

The goal of American strategists, concerned with Taiwan’s survival, must be to delicately unravel some of the more complex features of capital’s interdependence, vital to spreading a financial “doomsday machine”. By decreasing the scale of interdependence and reducing the risk of backfire, US policymakers can restore the feasibility of financial weapons as a usable tool, thus preventing an invasion of Taiwan.

[This is part two of a two-part series on the perils of capital dependence in great power rivalry. Part one was published earlier.]

Christopher Vassallo (@) is a contributing writer for the National interest and a young fellow from the China and the Pacific program of the Center for the National Interest. He is a former Schwarzman Fellow and a research fellow at the Asia Society and the Harvard Belfer Center.

Image: Reuters.

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Bucks County New Years Career Fair next week at Neshaminy Mall http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/bucks-county-new-years-career-fair-next-week-at-neshaminy-mall/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 02:23:18 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/bucks-county-new-years-career-fair-next-week-at-neshaminy-mall/

The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start. If you’re unemployed or looking for a better opportunity, gather your resume, dress to impress, and head to the Bucks County New Years Career Fair on Wednesday January 12 at the Neshaminy Mall.

I saw on Facebook that it is hosted by Recruitment Queen. Representatives from nearly two dozen companies will be ready to meet with you from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Barnes and Noble courtyard.

Companies looking to hire include Amazon, Better Home Care, Double H Plastics, Delta-T Group, Holy Redeemer Health System, A-Team Home Care Inc., American Heritage Credit Union, Veltri Inc., Traffic Plan, Centennial School District , Brian’s House, Inc., Moldamatic, The First National Bank and Trust Co. of Newtown, Westmont Hospitality Group, Pickering Manor, and Northeast Building Products.

Over 300 jobs are available in the following fields:

Customer service, transportation, health care, mental health, call center, orderlies, administration, billing, finance, nursing, cashiers, office, dispatch, drivers, laborers, industrial, social work, manufacturing, health behavioral, sales, maintenance, etc.

I’m sure there is something that interests you.

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity. Register here. Make known.

Good luck!

READ MORE: See 50 remote jobs that can pay well

KEEP WATCHING: See What 50 Company Logos Looked Like Then and Today

New in paperback: “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” and “My Broken Language” http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/new-in-paperback-the-murder-of-roger-ackroyd-and-my-broken-language/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:00:02 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/new-in-paperback-the-murder-of-roger-ackroyd-and-my-broken-language/

THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD: A Hercule Poirot mystery, by Agatha Christie. (Old, 288 pages, $ 10.) This classic, recently re-edited detective story features beloved detective Hercule Poirot and contains one of Christie’s most shocking twists. “When you find out who the murderer is and start flipping through the pages, looking for missed clues,” Tina Jordan recently commented in The Times, “you’ll realize how completely Christie snooked you.”

IT WAS NOW, IT IS THEN, by Vijay Seshadri. (Graywolf, 80 pages, $ 16.) Seshadri’s latest collection, his first since receiving the Pulitzer Prize in 2014, “mesmerizes not with stillness but with zigs and zags,” observed our reviewer, David Orr, who described the poems. as “extremely intelligent, often funny, conceptually complex and shocking.” – full of irony.

MY BROKEN LANGUAGE, by Quiara Alegria Hudes. (One world, 336 pages, $ 18.) In this memoir, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright reflects on family, language, and life in North Philadelphia and at Yale. As our reviewer, Dan-El Padilla Peralta noted, “Hudes brings this world to life in all its glory, oscillating between the linguistic multiplicity of immigrant city life and the zombie enclosures of monolingual whiteness.

FINLAY DONOVAN KILLS HIM, by Elle Cosimano. (Minotaur, 384 pages, $ 17.99.) A newly divorced mother struggles to make a living off her writing when approached about accepting a successful job for $ 50,000. “The plot is often far-fetched,” noted our critic Sarah Weinman, “but the main character is so endearing it’s easy to be ridiculed.”

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Omicron Achieves Service Industry Growth in UK and US; German Inflation Highest Since 1992 – As It Happened | Business http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/omicron-achieves-service-industry-growth-in-uk-and-us-german-inflation-highest-since-1992-as-it-happened-business/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 17:06:10 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/omicron-achieves-service-industry-growth-in-uk-and-us-german-inflation-highest-since-1992-as-it-happened-business/

“Will this be history repeating itself for the start of 2022?” Rise in banking and energy stocks and fall in rate-sensitive growth stocks? Investors shouldn’t have been surprised by the increasingly hawkish tone used by the US Federal Reserve and yet the anticipation of seeing its most recent black-and-white comments yesterday prompted a sell-off in tech stocks that did not did that continue. It certainly feels like the bagpiper is calling to be paid, inflation numbers for the next few months seem pretty accurate if Germany’s latest update is anything to go by.

“And this pressure on households is not a good idea for any government, especially those looking to raise taxes to pay for some of the blows that Covid has inflicted. Pressure could mount on the British Chancellor to turn around on his plans to boost the NHS, but at the moment it looks like Rishi Sunak is not to turn around. But how can consumers be expected to continue spending the country outside of the pandemic if their cash reserves are dwindling? And how will the popularity of this government cope with people’s growing discomfort as energy bills soar higher and higher. Working from home on a dip in the cold takes on a whole new hue, and there will be plenty of extra threading to keep those thermostats’ frozen fingers out.

“What is also noticeable today is the lack of enthusiasm of investors for past performance. Next may have boosted sales and raised its profit forecast for a pretty dramatic fifth time in ten months, but the big story quickly becomes familiar. Prices are expected to rise to meet the double threat of rising wages and rising shipping costs. How will the decision to pass on costs affect sales to consumers? This is the big question that many businesses will have to grapple with over the next 6 to 12 months. If this Christmas was all about making up for lost ground, spring might be more like clawing back lost savings.

“Companies that provide vital services and these must-haves look great to many investors right now. Walgreens shares enjoyed a nice rally early in the session before retreating slightly as the company raised its earnings forecast. Sales hit their highest level in twenty years as those who came for the Covid vaccine stuck to roam the aisles and found many more temptations than in previous years. But overall, US investors are feeling nervous, looking for that silver shard among the dark clouds as last year’s tech rally recedes. “

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3 things to do today in Bangalore http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/3-things-to-do-today-in-bangalore/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:30:00 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/3-things-to-do-today-in-bangalore/

Dance show

Inspired by the great architectural wonders of southern India, in particular the Vijayanagara empire, Sthavara-Jangama explores the amorphous relationships we humans have with the landscapes and built architectures that surround us. By placing live actions of dancers and musicians in selected areas of the hall and digitally processed moving images created by a German artist projected onto the walls, this site-inspired piece promises to be a time travel experience. for spectators.

Where: Bangalore International Center (BIC) No. 7, 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur; When: January 7, 6:30 p.m .;
Ticket price: from Rs 300

Remember Dr Rachid Jahan

Online Theater Festival – IV managed and hosted by the Theater Management Company Exhibitions Urdu Mehfil on Dr Rashid Jahan (The bad girl in Urdu literature). Jahan was the first Urdu feminist writer to write openly about how women in our society are repressed. The session would be taken by Annie zaidi, Sikandar Khan, and Gargée Nandy.

Where: Online. Details: + 91-7597523702;
When: January 7 at 7 p.m. Ticket price: Rs 99

Learn about composting

Learn the incredible art of composting where nature shows us how recycling is done in this workshop! Learn about the different types of composting, what to keep in mind when choosing a composter, how to really get started with aerobic composting, and some simple tips for beginners to keep in mind.

Where: Online. Details: insider.in;
When: January 8, 11 a.m.

Spring 2022 Theater in Central Georgia preview: musical, playlist http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/spring-2022-theater-in-central-georgia-preview-musical-playlist/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:24:00 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/spring-2022-theater-in-central-georgia-preview-musical-playlist/

MACON, Georgia – 2022 has just started, but the 2021-2022 theater season in Central Georgia is still going on. Here is a list of all the plays and musicals happening in several theaters in Central Georgia this year.

This play is based on a spy detective novel that was later turned into a Hitchcock masterpiece. It’s a comedy that will feature just four actors playing at least 150 different characters throughout the production.

“There’s a very goofy, silly sense of humor. Kind of like the Monty Python skits or the Saturday Night Live style, ”said production manager JP Haynie.

Haynie compared this show to “The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)” because it also has a small cast of characters playing many roles.

“Anyone looking for a night of escape, looking to get away from 9-5, get away from everything that is going on in the world and know they are just going to sit and laugh and have a good time. good time. I think that’s the perfect thing about this show, ”said Haynie.

  • Little shop of horrors: 25 March – 3 April

This production is based on a classic musical of the same name. Little Shop of Horrors follows the adventures of Seymour, a nerdy flower seller. When the flower shop is threatened with closure, Seymour exhibits a mysterious plant which he later discovers has developed a taste for blood.

Haynie says this show is one of her favorites.

“There is a lot of heart to do. It’s a little scary, it’s a little sci-fi, but it’s definitely one of those cult classic musicals that I love, “he said.

  • Anne of the Green Gables: May 20-29

This production is currently listed as a mystery show by Macon Little Theater, but they initially left 13WMAZ on the surprise. Anne of Green Gables is based on classic children’s tales, where orphan Anne Shirley is adopted from Nova Scotia by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. The production follows Anne throughout her life as she adapts to new circumstances and lifestyles.

“It’s going to be an epic and moving adventure. Great for younger audiences and once again that powerful young girl who’s leading this story, so we’re really excited about it, ”said Haynie.

  • Legally Blonde: The Musical: July 15-24

For the last production of the 2021-2022 season, Macon Little Theater will offer Legally Blonde: The Musical. This story of empowerment and self-esteem follows Elle Woods and her attempt to change the face of Harvard Law. Based on the classic movie, Legally Blonde is a fun, light-hearted comedy that will make you want to curl up and crack!

Perry Players Community Theater:

  • All brewed: February 10-20

This jukebox musical features a roustabout guitar player named Chad who has just been released from prison. The next community he comes to has strict enforcement of the Mamie Eisenhower Decency Act, which prohibits necks in public, loud music, and tight pants. In town, Chad brings the town back to life through his music and dance movements. Loosely inspired by Shakespeare Twelfth Night, this musical is about the tunes of Elvis Presley and is sure to get you in the swing.

“I think only the actors are very excited to present this show and I think Perry is going to be amazed at what they actually see,” said show director Kenny Jones.

Warner Robins Little Theater:

  • The game that goes wrong: 11-13, 18-20, 25-26 Feb.

After benefiting from a sudden and important legacy, the inept and accident-prone Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society embarked on the production of an ambitious 1920s detective story. They are delighted that neither the casting issues nor the problems techniques do not bother them currently. However, a hilarious disaster ensues and the cast begins to crack under the pressure, but can they get production back on track before the final curtain falls?

Governing Council Senior Vice Chairman Bill Felton said the board chose the show because the world is in desperate need of comedy these days.

“Everyone was hoping that 2022 would be a new era of comfort, peace, joy and happiness, but you know what? We have to create our own happiness,” he said.

  • Four old Broads: May 13-15, 20-22, 27-28

This show is a comedy about three women who are each other’s best friends and end up welcoming a fourth woman into their group. The story centers on their friendship as they uncover the secrets of where they live.

Felton says it’s a hysterical play that reminds him of the Golden Girls.

  • I don’t behave badly: 20-23 Jan.

The inimitable Thomas “Fats” Waller gained international fame during the heyday of the Cotton Club and this new swinging and catchy music. While not quite a biography, I don’t behave badly evokes the delightful humor and infectious energy of this American original as a versatile cast struts, struts and sings the songs he made famous in a career that spanned upscale clubs to downtown town of Tin Pan Alley. The intoxicating music of Fats Waller will delight and energize audiences while providing excellent insight into a vibrant period in American history and music.

Evan Goldman is torn from his busy preteen New York life and finds himself in a sleepy Indiana town after his parents divorce. Surrounded by a panel of simple-minded college students, he needs to establish his place in the popular hierarchy. Can he sit on a comfortable link in the food chain by throwing an unforgettable bar mitzvah … or will he hang in the end with the outcasts?!?

  • Enchanted April: March 18-27

From the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim. Feeling lost in the shadows of marriage and forgotten in the stampede of post-war society of the 1920s, two London housewives pool their savings to rent a villa in Italy for a women-only vacation, recruiting reluctantly a pair of tough upper class women to share the cost and experience. Together under the Mediterranean sun, the four women face off – then begin to bond and blossom – until the men upset the balance again.

  • The room mate: April 7-10

Sharon, in her 50s, recently divorced and needs a roommate to share her home in Iowa. Robyn, also in her 50s, needs a place to hide and a chance to start over. But as Sharon begins to uncover Robyn’s secrets, they encourage her own deep desire to completely transform her life. A dark comedy about what it takes to turn your life around – and what happens when the wheels come off.

  • The color purple the musical: May 13-22

The color purple is an inspiring family saga that tells the unforgettable story of a woman who, through love, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world. This musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel (and popular 1985 Steven Spielberg film) highlights Celie, an oppressed young woman whose personal awakening over 40 years forms the arc of this story. epic. With a joyful score of jazz, ragtime, gospel, African music and blues, The color purple is a story of hope, a testament to the healing power of love and a celebration of life.

This metaphysical portrait of Henry VIII and the six women of his life contrasts this king, the quintessential Renaissance man, with modern liberal thought and concludes that humanism died in the twentieth century. Henry remains the same everywhere, but women progress in their dress into modern times, showing their knowledge of the lasting effects of Henry’s thoughts.

  • The SpongeBob Musical: July 8-23

The stakes are higher than ever in this vibrant musical, as SpongeBob SquarePants and all of Bikini Bottoms face utter annihilation in their underwater world. Chaos erupts. Lives are on the line. And just when all hope seems lost, a most unexpected hero rises and takes center stage. The power of optimism can truly save the world!

Perry’s Muse Theater reopens after renovations

“Just to brighten up the space people live in”: the 567 Center is organizing an artist showcase in downtown Macon

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US pushes for Ukraine unity ahead of major meetings with Russia http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/us-pushes-for-ukraine-unity-ahead-of-major-meetings-with-russia/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 05:27:15 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/us-pushes-for-ukraine-unity-ahead-of-major-meetings-with-russia/

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a show of unity, the Biden administration and its European allies are starting a series of meetings aimed at showing Russia that an invasion of Ukraine would meet with a forceful response.

Using virtually identical language, the United States and its European allies have repeatedly over the past month issued joint and individual messages informing Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country will face “massive consequences” and ” high costs ”if he proceeded with a new military intervention. in Ukraine.

Yet the severity of the response largely depends on Germany, Europe’s largest economy and a diplomatic heavyweight within the 27-country European Union. Potential actions – whether economic, diplomatic or political – will top the agenda in talks in Washington on Wednesday between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and new German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

The Blinken-Baerbock meeting will follow a phone call last week between President Joe Biden and Putin, a conversation Sunday between Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and a panel discussion Tuesday between Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan and its counterparts from the five Nordic countries. .

It will precede a series of meetings involving NATO foreign ministers, senior US and Russian officials, the NATO-Russia Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe scheduled for next week.

Baerbock, the highest diplomat in Germany’s first government in 16 years not led by Angela Merkel, set Russia a harsher tone than his predecessor. She warned that Moscow would pay a “high political and economic price” if it takes militarist measures against Ukraine.

Before her trip to Washington, Ms. Baerbock underlined the importance of the transatlantic alliance and its foundation in common values ​​and respect for international law. She said Germany was “determined to act together to defend peaceful order in Europe”, with particular attention to Russia.

“As far as Russia is concerned, the common message of the European and American governments is clear. Russian stocks have a clear price (and) the only way out of the crisis is through dialogue, ”she said.

“We have made this very clear time and time again to the Russian government over the past few days and weeks,” she said. “We are now entering a decisive phase, during which there will be important discussions at different levels. And although the formats of the talks vary, our message as transatlantic partners to the Moscow government is always the same. “

Western officials have hinted at a number of economically crippling sanctions that could be imposed if Russia acts. These include an almost total cut-off from the international financial system and steps towards further NATO integration with non-allied European countries.

As the Biden administration struggles to build an international consensus around a set of possible punitive measures, Germany is clearly the linchpin. Ensuring its support will be the key to both messaging and implementing whatever is decided.

Germany’s trade relations with Russia could be a lever, but they could also be an obstacle to the formation of a united front towards Moscow. Despite strong criticism from the United States, the center-left government of new Chancellor Olaf Scholz has shown no willingness to block the start of natural gas deliveries via a new pipeline connecting Russia and Germany – a move that would harm both countries.

Germany has taken a less confrontational stance towards Russia compared to many other European countries. Under Merkel, he persuaded the Biden administration last year not to impose sanctions on the company building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which many say will leave Europe beholden to Russia for energy and Ukraine. more vulnerable.

Nord Stream 2 is a major concern in Washington, and Congress is expected to pass two bills related to it and other sanctions imposed on Russia next week, as meetings are taking place in Europe. A GOP bill would automatically impose sanctions on Nord Stream, while a Democratic version would impose a wider range of sanctions on Russia if it invaded Ukraine.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Washington criticized Nord Stream 2 for increasing Russia’s influence over Germany and limiting what Berlin would be willing to do in response to another invasion. Germany, like much of the European Union, is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas.

“For the sanctions to be effective, they must be effective for the dollar and the euro,” said Representative Mike Waltz, a Republican from Florida who visited Ukraine in December with other US lawmakers.

The new pipeline “gives Putin a checkmate on Western Europe” and limits Germany’s commitment to sanctions and other preventative measures desired by lawmakers on both sides, Waltz said.

“I don’t see how they are trading their energy security for a tough stand for Ukraine, and that puts Ukrainians and Eastern Europeans, our allies and NATO for that matter in a very precarious position,” he said. he declared.

Representative Seth Moulton, a Democrat from Massachusetts who also joined lawmakers’ trip to Ukraine, said he believed the United States might be able to supply energy to Germany if it was cut importation of Russian gas.

“I feel like Germany is realizing this,” Moulton said. “They are starting to realize how serious this threat is and how much influence Putin potentially has over them and other countries in Western Europe.”


Jordans reported from Berlin. Nomaan Merchant in Washington contributed to this report.

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Banks and travel documents take Europe’s STOXX 600 to new heights http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/banks-and-travel-documents-take-europes-stoxx-600-to-new-heights/ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 17:09:00 +0000 http://kafkasdiasporasi.com/banks-and-travel-documents-take-europes-stoxx-600-to-new-heights/

The DAX chart of the German stock index is pictured on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany on December 30, 2021. REUTERS / Staff

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  • STOXX 600 closes at a new high
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Jan. 4 (Reuters) – European stocks extended their New Year’s rally on Tuesday, led by economically sensitive banks and travel stocks on signs that the Omicron coronavirus variant may be less severe than initially feared.

The pan-European STOXX 600 index (.STOXX) finished up 0.8% to 494.02 points, hitting a record for a second consecutive session.

The European banks sub-index (.SX7P) jumped 3.3% to November highs and was the best performer of the day as government bond yields on both sides of the Atlantic rallied. were spurred on by expectations of a tightening of monetary policy.

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Citigroup said it was overweight European banks, citing potential interest rate hikes, earnings growth and returns on capital. The brokerage ranked BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA), Lloyds (LLOY.L) and UBS (UBSG.S) as its top picks.

The European Travel and Leisure Index (.SXTP) jumped 3.5% to its highest level in more than six weeks. British airlines soared, with Ryanair (RYA.I) and British Airways owner IAG (ICAG.L) climbing 8.9% and 11.3% respectively.

Wizz Air (WIZZ.L) jumped 12.2%, leading the gains of the STOXX 600 after reporting an increase in traffic in December.

London’s FTSE 100 (.FTSE) gained 1.6%, catching a global rally as trade resumed after a long holiday weekend.

“There are tentative signs that this variant may not be as bad as feared,” said Max Kettner, chief multi-asset strategist at HSBC, in a note.

“UK hospitalizations have increased over the past two days, but the link clearly appears to be weaker than in the previous winter wave. As such, the sensitivity of cases to hospitalizations has barely budged until present. If this trend were to continue, that’s good news. “

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Stock markets in Europe and the United States hit a series of record highs in 2021, as vaccine deployments and huge stimulus packages to boost the pandemic-stricken global economy offset concerns about the persistence of ‘high inflation and the new variants of COVID-19.

Home inventories including food delivery companies Delivery Hero (DHER.DE) and Just Eat Takeaway.com (TKWY.AS) fell between 7% and 8%, while major healthcare names also fell. moved back.

At the same time, data showed German unemployment fell more than expected in December, a further sign that the labor market in Europe’s largest economy remains resilient. Read more

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Reporting by Sruthi Shankar in Bangalore; Editing by Subhranshu Sahu and Alison Williams

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