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Must know: Philippe Bober established Coproduction Office in Berlin in 1987, naming it to reflect his work on the international co-production of Lars von Trier Europe, for which Bober provided international financing, casting and locations. The company’s breakthrough came when Europe won the jury prize at Cannes in 1991. Coproduction Office then worked on von Trier’s film in 1996 Break the waves and the 2000 feature by Swedish director Roy Andersson Second Floor Songs, both awarded at Cannes. Other successes followed: Andersson won the Golden Lion in Venice in 2014 with A pigeon sitting on a branch reflects on existence while Ruben Ostlund won the 2017 Palme d’Or with The place. Coproduction Office has expanded its business over the years – 1991 saw the establishment of an international sales branch in Berlin and it opened an office in Paris in 2000. More recently, Coproduction Office UK was established in 2019 with producer of Good Chaos Mike Goodridge to attract and develop a UK talent pool.

Key personnel: Philippe Bober, CEO and producer; Sophie Cabon, Chief Operating Officer; Nadine Rothschild, sales manager; Riccardo Molteni, Chief Financial Officer; Clemens Kostlin and Marina Perales, producers.

Incoming: from Ostlund triangle of sadnessproduced by Erik Hemmendorff and Bober with the production arms of the Coproduction Office in the UK, Germany, France and Denmark, is in Competition at Cannes. Club Zero by Jessica Hausner is filming this summer.

Philippe Bober says:“The authors I work with are among those who have the most personal ideas. I try to help them share these ideas with the public while pushing the boundaries of cinematic language.

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