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The controversial Merepoor Pitch arrived the day before yesterday at the gates of the Intergalactic Cricket Council (IgCC) prison.

Pitch waved to all the satellites, orbiting above his head, and then revealed the following over his good-length area: “Don’t like me – Pitch.”

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Ahead of this net-breaking event, the Alien cricket team complained to the IgCC about Merepoor Pitch’s radical behavior, which led to their unprecedented beating against hosts Earth.

Around the same time, a petition was filed against Pitch, mainly run by influencers from the batriarchal media. [BMI], who vilified Pitch for becoming an entity that is not only damaging the country’s chances at the upcoming Galactic Cup to United Andromeda Ephemeris (UAE), but for the greater good of the game itself.

All BMI supporters believe the game should have a high Batriarchy rating which favors high scoring games over competitive games, at all times in space.

The petition filed by BMI gained serious momentum by the time the series was over, and so, in a series of dramatic events, Pitch was charged under Misbehavior Act 42020 and surrendered to prison in IgCC.

Meanwhile, a counter-petition has been launched, led by a group calling themselves Ballinists, who protested against the medieval and sinister “pitch hunt” that took place in a so-called modern society.

“We are no longer living in the Dark Ages. You cannot harass someone who has only dared to speak out freely. It is high time that we should all apologize to Pitch, especially cricket, because their a neutral stance on the whole issue is no less disgusting, ”the main Ballinist activist posted on TriggerBook.

Which brings us to the day before yesterday, when IgCC released the Pitch, having made it a sufficient example.

Soon after, Earth’s leading newspaper, The Daily Nebula, asked Pitch what the meaning of his post was.

“It was primarily aimed at all those people at IMC, whom I trusted more than I should have. What have I done ever wrong? You all were asking for a helping hand. moral and I succeeded!

But Pitch was surely exaggerating a bit – she could have kept scores around 150 and avoided all of that hassle.

“Look, I got carried away by the monsoon, a little too humid most of the time. And that’s not the first case. Go ahead, ask whoever made me the way I am, and interview some pitches somewhere else while you’re at it. Go interview Perth, that mean talk, and ask her if she’s facing the same treatment from her own country, her planet, or whatever? “

Back on Earth, Mother Earth Cricket Board (MECB) Cheerperson Neel Bori Khan summoned the press outside the mall closest to his home.

“We were faced with strong reactions following our [absence of a] position. But you all have to understand, we were on the back foot once this matter became legal. But since Pitch is clean now, we can dance on the track, redeem ourselves and keep our happy momentum going.

“And with that in mind, we already presented a radical proposal at the last IgCC board meeting: we want to include Pitch in the Galactic Cup squad, and we will do that by replacing our young and happy leg beater, ”said the Cheerperson. cheerfully told the media.

No one asked him the reason for the last decision or anything for that matter, but he continued.

“The reason is blissfully simple, I mean, think about it: why have a bowler who can spin the ball back and forth when you can just make your favorite court behave in mysterious ways? not the injection of confidence, the victory mentality, the morale booster, the joyous impulse. See you soon! “

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