“Diversity is not always what we think it is”

“We’re talking about people and topics that are part of 21st century diversity activation,” Aldine said. “We talk to multi-ethnic, multi-racial people. They often have one foot in two or more worlds and they often grow up globally like me.”

One of the company’s inspirations is Aldinis the father. He died of COVID-19 in Easter 2020, while in hospital and also battling cancer.

“As a tribute to him, I looked at some of the things I always wanted to do but didn’t do,” Aldine explained. “I learned German when I was younger and French. But I never learned Spanish, which was his first language. So I said that was the year I would learn Spanish.”

That year, she traveled all over South America to learn her father’s native language. And now Aldine’s magazine is present in countries and territories around the world.

The main idea is to bring together culturally diverse people and subjects, Aldine explained.

“Diversity isn’t always what you think it is,” she said. “People bring so many ideas to the table and that’s what this in-between space is; what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. people.”

She hopes her message about 21st century diversity will help bring together different people with different experiences.

“Diversity is something that really shapes our lives in a way that makes it more positive and shapes it in a way that gives us more empathy, that’s the point. You want to be able to put yourself in the shoes of someone else. It’s really about feeling like you belong and having someone understand you without having to explain it,” Aldin said.

Aldin believes that it is not enough to determine someone’s background based on their appearance alone, which is why she is so supportive of multicultural environments.

“The older you get and the more grounded you are in a monocultural environment, the easier it is to make assumptions about the people around you,” she said. “It would be wonderful if we could all, as a whole, get to know the person in front of you. Get to know them, talk to them, find out their background. That’s what should motivate you, not the quick guesses we do.”

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