Correspondent goes viral after live report in 6 languages

(NewsNation Now) – A news correspondent went viral this week not only for knowing six languages, but for being able to use them all in stories for multiple networks, including here on NewsNation.

“A lot of people go viral for the wrong reasons, for doing something stupid or stupid, and in this case the comments are all positive, so, really, I’m very, very grateful,” Philip Crowther, International Correspondent Affiliate for The Associated Press, said Wednesday on “Dan Abrams Live.”

Crowther has put together a mix of a number of his reports from Kiev’s Freedom Square and posted the video to his Twitter account. He shows it in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

“There are a lot of people commenting that maybe they would like to learn another language, seeing what they saw in this video,” Crowther said.

As of Wednesday night, the video had nearly 22 million views.

“It’s been a pretty relentless few days, at least when you look at my phone; it vibrates pretty much to a lot of notifications,” Crowther said.

Crowther grew up in Luxembourg and said he learned the language from his friends. At home, he learned German from his mother and English from his father. He learned French at school, then Spanish and finally Portuguese.

“Maybe I could do something in Catalan for you, spoken in Catalonia in part of Spain and a small part of France,” Crowther said of the possibility of reporting in another language. ” But that’s about all. I can arrive at about seven o’clock.

Crowther said he never started reporting in the wrong language by accident, but made small mistakes.

“I could invent invent a word in Spanish that exists in French, give it a bit of a Spanish ending and be like, ‘Oh, that must be a word in Spanish,’ but it’s not,” Crowther said. . . “And native speakers will find out if you make that mistake, and they’ll be like, ‘No, that guy’s not native after all. “”

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