Clarkson’s Farm: Sheep Bring Amazon’s King of Touring Back to Earth in Big New Show

SEE AGAIN: Jeremy Clarkson is back and there is no test track or star in a reasonably priced car in sight.

Instead of touring extensively around the world, he’s decidedly homebound in his latest eight-part series. Clarkson’s farm (which starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video today).

However, as he has dominated his 1,000-acre Chipping Norton haven since 2008, when it comes to “farming”, he quickly finds that he is truly in foreign land.

Despite being 60 years old and having smoked nearly three-quarters of a million cigarettes, Clarkson decided that with the retirement of his “village guy” it might be time to try his hand at s. ‘occupy the property himself.


Jeremy Clarkson has applied to be UK Farmer of the Year.

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“I’m basically Alan Sugar in rubber boots,” he boasts, after a few rough starts, but a few home truths, suspicious shortcuts and poor decision-making later he finds himself hoping that “ultimately, they will be something I can actually do.”

It doesn’t help that he couldn’t have picked a worse year to get dirty and wet his feet. Not only is there record-breaking rainfall in the first few weeks of its management, there is a global pandemic disrupting the normal order of things.

Is Jeremy Clarkson pissing in his latest


Is Jeremy Clarkson pissing in his latest “farming” series? You will have to decide for yourself.

great tour and Top speed Fans worried that their favorite acerbic antediluvian has turned green need not worry, Clarkson is still irascible, irrepressible and irresponsible as ever.

Concerned that the local tractor dealer’s most powerful vehicle only had a “weak” power of 45 horsepower (“He fed the country,” says seller. “People weren’t eating much at the era, “retorts Clarkson), he simply decides to buy a huge Lamborghini R8 which not only turns out to be too big for his barn, but also incompatible with any other equipment and requires a working knowledge of the German language to operate. Likewise, there is no time for man’s best friend when a barking search and rescue drone could get the job done for potentially a fraction of the cost.

Stripped of his usual comrades / co-conspirators James May and Richard Hammond, Clarkson has instead an eclectic array of farm advisers, whose only job seems to be calling him out and desperately trying to keep him on track. Girlfriend Lisa Hogan’s rare appearances involve plenty of ‘support’ nods, Georgia Craig of the National Farmer Union gives her her first driving lesson in 42 years, and Agent Charlie Ireland tries unsuccessfully to master the notions more fanciful from Clarkson. “Farming is a game of patience – and he’s not the most patient man,” he told the crew.

Others push back harder. Young farm worker Kaleb Cooper may have only visited London once (and stayed on the coach), but he knows this property like the back of his hand and isn’t afraid to chew on his boss, while the local vet answers the question of how dearly a call will cost, with a cheeky “think of a number, double it – and we’ll start there.”

Clarkson's Farm finds the former host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour in a surprisingly introspective mood.


Clarkson’s Farm finds the former host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour in a surprisingly introspective mood.

But what might have been just a different setting for what has become Clarkson’s crass insolence, incompetence, and indifference to others, is rather surprisingly insightful and just the occasional introspective.

Under all of the show pony postures, it is clear that he has a real affinity for his property. Delighted that his public school education has come in handy when it comes to measuring visiting rams Wayne and Leonardo, he seems genuinely upset when he is later confronted with the prospect of slaughtering some of his ” ladies sheep ”.

You will believe that a enfant terrible and agent provocateur can cry. At least for a while, until he was later seen enjoying a delicious serving of Shepherd’s Pie.

Clarkson’s farm starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video on June 11.

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