German Literature

Homophobes and Autocrats by Nina L. Khrouchtcheva

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently became the latest in a long line of autocrats to treat anyone who does not conform to conventional gender norms – especially gay and effeminate men – as a threat to society. But what is it about “non-manly” men that terrify dictators so much? MOSCOW …

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Cultural Courses | Journal review

Io Maeda | Journal review Wabash College offers four language courses: Chinese, French, German and Spanish. This year, the college welcomed four foreign language teaching assistants from Argentina, France, Spain and Taiwan. There are no German TAs due to the pandemic. The Fulbright FLTA program is the opportunity for young …

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Hou Yifan Challenge: Pragg always perfect

Almost no draw Due to the odd number of players, five players had a bye round on Saturday. Table favorites Praggananandhaa and Vincent Keymer – the only two players with a 2600+ rating – were not among them, however, and they ended the day as the top scorers with 5/5 …

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