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More and more routes but little knowledge about

image: Research on traffic accidents currently focuses mainly on carnivorous mammals, ungulates, marsupials and turtles. seen Following Credits: Pixabay In their meta-study, Spanish scientists reviewed more than a thousand studies on the effects of road networks on wildlife. They found that existing data is limited to high-income countries and only …

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Shakespeare’s ‘Inspiration’ Works for Terrorists, Including 9/11 Conspirators and Gunpowder – Eurasia Review

Shakespeare’s works have inspired and angered some of history’s most infamous terrorists, including the conspirators behind 9/11 and the Gunpowder Plot, new research has revealed. New studies from Dr Islam Issa, professor of literature and history at Birmingham City University, examined how terrorists through the centuries reacted to Shakespeare’s writings …

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Don’t love me: Pitch | The Daily Star

The controversial Merepoor Pitch arrived the day before yesterday at the gates of the Intergalactic Cricket Council (IgCC) prison. Pitch waved to all the satellites, orbiting above his head, and then revealed the following over his good-length area: “Don’t like me – Pitch.” For all the latest news, follow the …

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