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The Merkel method has only had Europe so far

At the heart of Angela Merkel’s political style is her contempt for the very idea of ​​style in politics. She practiced politics as a negation of style. Not for her the big vision or the soaring rhetoric. Everything from his discreet oratory, his cadences like a Wikipedia entry, to his …

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Why Bosnia needs an anti-genocide law

It would be easy to dismiss critiques like those advanced by Knaus and Martens as simply ignorant, if they weren’t two of the Western Balkans’ most prominent “regional experts” in the German-speaking media space. Moreover, Inzko himself alluded to the degree of opposition he encountered, including among major European governments, …

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Seven of the K Winning Fulbright Scholarships

Seven representatives from Kalamazoo College, including six from the class of 2021, receive top honors from the federal government, which will provide them with international learning opportunities during the next academic year. The Fulbright US Student Program provides scholarships for senior graduates, graduate students, young professionals, and artists to teach …

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