Bob’s Burgers movie finally hits theaters next summer

20th century studios shared poster for “The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” revealing that the film will finally hit theaters on May 27, 2022.

It’s been a long way to bring the best burger-making family from television to the movies. Creator Loren Bouchard shared that it was difficult to create the film and the new episodes of the ongoing TV series at the same time, and then there was a global pandemic that put everything on hold. Bouchard and the others behind “Bob’s Burgers” were reluctant to release the film on streaming. He told Entertainment Weekly in November 2020:

“We talked about [streaming] regarding the movie and we decided we really wanted the movie to hit theaters because Bob’s is already on TV. Of course, we want everyone to be able to see it safely in movie theaters. We don’t want anyone to put themselves in danger. But assuming there is a time when everyone can safely return to the movies, we’re excited for Bob’s movie to be seen in the theaters, in the dark with other people, because it’s is something we’ve never been able to do before.

“Bob’s Burgers” follows the Belcher family, led by the goofy patriarch Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and his whimsical wife and wine fan Linda (John Roberts). Together with their three children, Tina, Gene and Louise, they try to run a successful burger restaurant by the ocean in a big, unnamed city. The kids embark on many wacky adventures as Bob and Linda learn to be good parents, good businessmen, and most importantly, good word game writers. The center of Bob’s life is his daily burger, which always has a cute name based on a pun that goes on a board. It will be interesting to see what new names he comes up with for the theatrical occasion.

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