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It was when the university had just started in 2019 that a new group of students were admitted to the University of Delhi (DU), to feel and experience what is commonly known as university life. Now, as farewell parties are held at various colleges, most seniors are saying, “We barely got the real DU contract!”

“The last two months of being physically present at university have made me wonder how different my life would have been had it not been for the pandemic,” says Mihir Aggarwal, undergraduate (Hons) student at the Hindu College, recalling the times when he first entered. college premises. “At that time, it was all about understanding how different life will be from school. But, the fate of Covid has pushed us to do everything online, from layering classes to meeting up with bandmates and even attending parties. Imagine, we are probably the only batch in the history of Hindu College who did not attend our party, Makkah!

Miranda House students, who are part of the debating society, Suvakta, enjoy a physical farewell party.

Aanchal Khera, a BA (Prog) student at Miranda House, feels happy that she at least had the chance to organize her university festival. “It was a unique experience for our lot; one with a happy beginning and a beautiful ending. But whatever happened in the meantime, we have to put it in the past now and not feel bothered by it. The first seven or eight months of our university life were great, but after that everything changed. My classmates and I missed almost all of our college life — from chai breaks to playing with the cats on campus,” Khera says.

“It was difficult to get used to a virtual life. The transition to a physical life has also proven to be quite difficult for me,” says Rigzin D Nangso, a German student at Gargi College, adding, “Knowing that I was not alone in the face of it all made it bearable. We didn’t have the full three years to enjoy life in DU, but thank God we had time to make friends before the first lockdown. And now, after two years, we meet again. This is how unpredictable and ironic our lives are!

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