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An Albemarle native of East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine has been awarded the university’s most prestigious scholarship.

Quashawn Chadwick has been selected for the 2025 Class Brody Scholar Prize, valued at approximately $ 118,000.

As a Brody Fellow, Chadwick will receive four years of medical tuition, living expenses, and the opportunity to design his own summer enrichment program which may include overseas travel. The award will also support community service projects that students can undertake while studying medicine.

Since the start of the program in 1983, 150 students have received scholarships. About 76% of Brody fellows stay in North Carolina to practice, and the majority of them stay in eastern North Carolina.

Chadwick brings a unique experience to medicine with his BA and MA in Music Education.

Quashawn Chadwick

Chadwick graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and decided to pursue medical education while serving in the Artist Corps between 2016 and 2018.

“I was engaged with young students and the service focused on education, childhood development, emotions, learning and the brain,” he said. “I started to read a lot of scientific literature and decided that I wanted to work in psychiatry.”

Chadwick also attended UNC-Greensboro and found ways to explore a variety of different interests as he reflected on his future plans.

“I’m interested in a lot of things, including biochemistry, physics, linguistics, literature, music, philosophy and phenomenology,” he said.

He traveled to Europe and Canada during the college of music festivals, received a certificate of proficiency in German in 2017, published a series of poems in an anthology titled “Grosse Fugue 3” in 2020, presented researched genetics at an in vitro biology conference in Tampa, Florida in 2019 and won second place in a research competition at UNCG that same year.

He said he hopes to use that same thirst for discovery in his studies at the Brody School of Medicine.

“I hope to be able to distinguish myself and develop my particular interest in contributing to scientific literature, serving populations at risk and continuing to engage with young students, while keeping pace with a study program as well. intense at Brody, ”Chadwick said. “I hope to be an empathetic and sensitive psychiatrist with zeal and to publish on many mental health topics that interest me.”

Chadwick said he also hopes his fascination with psychiatry translates into excellent care for his future patients.

“I am particularly interested in how our emotions create and are informed by internal biochemical states,” he said. “I am curious about how a student’s brain is physically and visibly shaped by their emotions and experiences slowly over a long period of time, and the implications this might have on their ability to thrive and succeed in school, in his career and in his life. “

Wherever his path takes him, Chadwick plans to benefit from the experience as a Brody Fellow.

“For me, being a Brody Fellow means approaching every interaction and every step of my journey to becoming a physician with enthusiasm, curiosity, professionalism and sensitivity to represent and stand in solidarity with my peers,” he said.

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