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You deserve a vacation -Three reasons for a vacation loan

You deserve a vacation! Three reasons for a “vacation loan”

Would you like to go on vacation, but do you think you can not afford it? While everyone is leaving for vacation this year will you stay at home? You do not need to be a Scrooge of Scrooge to enjoy a little deserved relaxation: Credit offers you a holiday loan to travel with your family, friends or whoever you want without worries.

We usually resort to a loan to buy a new car, renovate the kitchen or face an unexpected expense, but there are times when a small holiday also becomes a necessity for our health or well-being of those around us. Loans for holidays and holidays have been more and more frequent in Italy : in the first five months of 2017, over 33 million euros were granted to families and people who needed an advance for travel expenses.

The reasons for the growth in loan applications are different and affect both the motivations of the applicants and the characteristics of the loans and how to obtain them. In summary the three main reasons are the following:

1) It takes a break

“If I were a doctor – the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell once said – I would prescribe a vacation to all the patients who consider their work as important”. In general, awareness of the importance of resting and “pulling the plug” has increased to improve both one’s health and work. Also – but perhaps we should say above all – after the years of economic crisis, the sacrifices made and the sacrifices made must not have the last word. If you choose the right destination and the most suitable time, taking a vacation is not said to be a luxury for the few.

2) Simple loans to be obtained

You can get a holiday loan of 5,000 euros or more by agreeing a monthly payment of just over 100 euros. The loan application can be made either by employees in the public or private sector or by pensioners.

3) Clear return plans for everyone

The payment of the loan for holidays or vacations can be extended over long periods; the average duration of the repayment plans is four years, but longer periods may also be agreed.

Contact without Credit commitments to know the best opportunities available to you to get a small loan and enjoy a period of vacation: you can use the amount for your holiday freely, without specifying in detail the costs.