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What are unpaid loans and where to hire them?

Obtaining loans with defaults or debts is a reality today

Having debts in delinquency files is no longer incompatible with getting financing. Throughout this post we will tell you what are all the keys to this service.

If you have come to our page, you will be familiar with the question that concerns us: “I am looking for a loan with defaults and I do not know what options I have”.
In the first place, we must know that if we need this service, there are currently different alternatives through which we can obtain financing even if we are in delinquency files such as Financial Credit Institutions.

Debt listings used to be a preventive formula so that delinquent profiles could not access credit services, given that once the data of a default is recorded in them it is very difficult to be able to perform this type of contracting. However, this characteristic has changed radically in recent years.

You can see here a mini-credit comparison with Financial Credit Institutions

Currently we can contract loans with debt without difficulties and enjoying all the advantages that we are accustomed to find in the financial companies that offer their services via Internet.

Next, we will see what have been the determining factors that have helped to normalize access to funding of this type of profile.

Credits with defaults: What has changed?

What are the main reasons that have made access to a credit with defaults easier today than ever?. Let’s see it below:

After the economic crisis that has affected us over the last decade, the annotations in lists associated with debts have increased.

For this reason, we have seen how the percentage of individuals who saw the possibilities of obtaining financing plummeted.

In response, the financial sector decided to create an alternative that would allow this sector of the population to be able to access their services equally, creating loans with debts.

This feature, together with the increase in private financial services that operate on the Internet, has led us to be able to obtain financing without problems even with defaults, as we told you in our article Personal Loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

With this context in mind we can see perfectly what are the reasons that were responsible for generating the appearance of loans with defaults. A service that, at first glance, can be so novel.

Therefore, if we are interested in getting a loan but have debts, we must know that it is a service that is the order of the day, is available in different platforms in the sector and that offers us what it promises, without tricks. However, within all the facilities it offers, we must highlight its own characteristics: requirements necessary to achieve its responsible use.

What are the requirements to get a mini credit with outstanding debts?

As we said, mini-credits with defaults offer us many facilities in their hiring: speed in the management, need to provide few documents, and income of money almost immediately. However, these advantages do not imply that a series of minimum requirements are not required for our application to be approved.

Then we will see what are the main requirements that we need to meet so that when contracting financing if we have pending charges we can manage the entire process as smoothly as possible and we know everything we are going to find.

If you are looking for mini loans with defaults, these are your main requirements:

  • The debt that we have pending reimbursement can not come from any other platform associated with financing.
    If for example we owe a fee of a credit card in our bank, or we have another loan without returning, our request can not be completed given that it will be discarded quickly by the financier.
  • The amount of our debt can not reach a maximum amount that will change according to the conditions established by the chosen financial institution.
    In this way, we can not offer you exactly what will be the maximum amount that will be valid to hire mini-credits with payment defaults given that it will be different depending on the entity in which we are going to make the request.
    However, we have that in general this amount is between € 300 and € 500.
  • We need a proof of income that demonstrates that our economy has a stability. Thus, the lender that offers microcredits with defaults can ensure that we have an income stream with which to deal with the new expense that will involve the return of the loan. For this, we can provide both a payroll, a pension, the declaration of VAT in the case of loans for freelancers or an unemployment benefit. It is a myth that you can get money with just the National Identity Document, as we tell you in the article Mini loans only DNI

Although they are commonly referred to as mini loans without requirements, you see that, although not excessive, they do.

As we can see, the specific contracting requirements that we need to be able to counter a mini loan with defaults are simple and are focused on the responsible use of the service.

This is because, for example, it is not recommended to contract financing of these characteristics if we have large amounts owed, or to pay the cost of another loan.