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Urgent loan without paperwork

If you need an urgent loan or a money today to cover some urgent need, the credits to get fast money are the ideal solution to solve your economy. Compare for free, discover the best offers of quick credits of the moment and get them without paperwork, 100% online and in just 15 minutes.

When will the quick money come to my account?

The great advantage of fast loans without paperwork is that, as their name suggests, they allow us to get money urgently after a few minutes of making the request. However, although urgent loan entities make transfers instantly there are times when quick money can take up to several days. This is because transfers between accounts of different banks are not immediate. Since the lenders do not work with all the banks, if our current account is not from the same entity where the quick credit has your account and from where you make the quick credit transfer, the loan will take longer to arrive, although the order of the transfer has been made at the time they receive the contract.

To try to correct this disadvantage that transfers take longer if the accounts are from different banks, many fast credit entities have turned to additional applications and services that will allow us to get the money quickly instantly:

Services like Trustly, an entity that works with 90% of the banks in Spain to avoid the delay of the transfer of urgent money between different accounts and that automates the transfer process to be able to carry out the transfers of the quick money credits in question of minutes whatever the time or day.

Types of fast online loans we can hire

Currently there are many entities that offer a large number of loans with which we can get money urgently at the moment. Depending on the different characteristics of each type of financing, we can access one type or another of quick loans to get the liquidity we need instantly. These are the different types of fast online loans that we can hire:

Quick mini-credits

They are loans granted mainly by private equity entities. They allow us to get small amounts of money quickly, between € 50 and up to € 1,200 (although if we are new customers we can only access up to € 750) in a few minutes. They are reimbursed in a maximum of 30 days in a single installment composed of capital plus interest. Its average cost is around 1.1% per day, so € 100 borrowed at 30 days will generate € 33 in interest and we will have to reimburse € 133 at the end. They are designed to solve small incidentals that require an immediate economic response.

Quick personal loans

Quick personal loans

Personal loans are granted by both banks and private equity companies. They allow us to get between € 3,000 and up to € 60,000 to finance our larger projects such as buying a car, home renovation, etc. Its cost is around 8% APR and the repayment periods range between 6 months and 10 years, depending on the amount we request. They may take longer to be granted, but it is now possible to get quick personal loans in just 48 hours with a 100% online request.

Consumer loans

They are urgent loans granted by consumer entities such as department stores, dealers or telephone companies. They allow us to obtain financing for the purchase of products from the company that grants them. The maximum capital that we can access will be the total cost of the product or a percentage. Unlike other quick credits, they will give us directly the product we want to buy instead of the quick money. They can come in the form of conventional fast loan or credit card of the entity. Their costs will vary according to the type of consumer credit we choose, although they usually have offers to encourage the sale of their products.

Credit cards

Credit cards

They allow us to have urgent money instantly anytime and anywhere. However, in order to get this money fast on credit we must have the card in advance since their hiring process is usually between 10 days and two weeks. The maximum credit limit can vary between € 600 and € 8,000, but this feature will depend on each card and our financial profile. The price of deferring purchases can also vary according to the entity, although it is normally between 12% and 29% APR in deferred purchases. In purchases that we reimburse in full at the beginning of the following month, we will not be charged interest.

Characteristics and differences of the quick loans

Characteristics and differences of the quick loans

The different types of quick loans have different conditions and characteristics that will make them better or worse adapted to the purpose that we want to give to the urgent money. In this table we can see and compare easily and quickly the different characteristics of each of the quick credits to know how to choose when we need financing:

Knowing the different characteristics that differentiate each type of financing will help us to go to the type of credit that best covers our needs economically. In this way we can base our decision on what type of quick loans to go according to the characteristic that interests us most and not only for the speed with which they grant the quick money.

Where can we contract fast loans?

Where can we contract fast loans?

Thanks to the advancement of new technologies and the competition between different types of entities, today it is possible to obtain quick money through different financial entities. These entities will allow us to obtain fast credits with different characteristics and advantages that will make them more or less advisable according to the purpose for which we want to use the urgent money:

Financial institutions with private capital: they are the ones that offer the most quick credits, from instant mini-credits to larger personal loans. Because we can apply online, they do not require us to change banks

Banks: they are the most popular and popular entities. Banks can offer quick loans, but only to clients of the bank with a minimum age and relationship. If our entity does not offer fast loans, it will be very difficult for another to allow us to access the quick money we need without being customers.

Non-financial companies: businesses such as department stores or telephone companies also offer financing for the purchase of their products. This financing is intended to encourage the purchase in their establishments so we can get very good offers and promotions. These entities usually have a bank or a private equity financial institution behind that is in charge of the solvency analysis of the applicants.

Each lender will have certain advantages that will make them more or less adequate to our need such as how to reimburse, the maximum amount that we can access, the purpose or the time it takes to transfer the money to our account.

How much do fast credits cost?

Depending on the type of quick loans we go to, your costs will vary according to their determined characteristics. In the case of quick mini-credits, the cost is daily and is around 1.1% per day, so that € 100 loaned to 30 days will generate an average of € 33 in interest. With fast personal loans, its cost is around 8% APR, although its cost will vary a lot depending on the term, the connections, the commissions or the amount of quick money that we hire. However, each case is particular and will depend on several factors. With the free calculator developed by experts in quick credits you can find out how much it will cost you in total the fast online loan that you want to request according to the different factors that influence its cost:

Is it possible to get quick credits without interest?

Yes. Due to the increase in competition between entities, many offer free financing to attract new clients. so it is possible to get free fast credits, that is, without having to pay commissions or fees. Each type of product will have a different type of promotion depending on the characteristics of the financing:

In the case of quick mini-credits, there are some lenders that offer mini-loans without interest or commissions, that is, at 0% APR. We will only have to return the quick money that we have arranged within the established period. It is important to comply with the specific conditions of the offer in order to enjoy this free fast credit.
With the largest fast personal loans there are no-interest loans, but normally when referring to “no interest” they refer to 0% TIN, however these quick loans have commissions and connections that will not make them totally free, that is, they do not they are 0% APR. To know if a quick credit online is free we must look at the APR, the percentage that tells us both the interest and the associated costs, counting on the other variables (term and capital) remain the same. With the consumer loans offered by non-financial companies the same thing happens.

With the credit cards if we choose the total payment at the end of the month the entities will not charge us interest. So if this month we make a purchase and pay it in full at the beginning of the next, we will only have to reimburse the credit used without fees or commissions. Although it is important to have this option selected. If we refund it in installments, they will charge us commissions.

We can get free quick credits. However, it is NOT advisable to request them only because they are easy to obtain and do not charge interest.
Although they are free, requesting fast money means getting into debt and we must reimburse the money that we have hired, without interest, within the term. For this reason it is important to only request quick credits when it comes to purposes that do require extra liquidity that we do not have.

Is it safe to hire quick mini-credits online?

Hiring fast credits through the network is completely safe. However, as the market for fast money credits has become popular, illicit entities that seek to deceive users have also appeared. To make sure that the entity where we are requesting the urgent money is legitimate and safe, it is important to take into account these parameters:
NEVER send money in advance: no quick credit company will ask us to pay the “management fees” in advance. As a general rule, fast loans do not have additional commissions. Anyway, in the case that they have commissions we will never pay them before they transfer the quick money to our account since they would be paid with the first reimbursement fee. We must doubt the entities that ask us for money in advance.

They can not get us out of Financial Credit Institutions: the only way to stop appearing in files of defaulters is to pay the existing debt, no quick loans company can get us in exchange for a payment for “management costs” or “lawyer costs”. Only the entity that registered us in the file is the one that can confirm that the payment has been made and can take us out of these files.

Verify the security of our online data: fast online credit companies have numerous security protocols designed to protect our personal and economic data on the Internet. To ensure that we are on a secure website we should look for these two indicators: quick credits

5 steps to hire quick and easy loans

5 steps to hire quick and easy loans

The process of applying for quick loans is very simple since the objective of the entities is to offer their users money instantly. This process is completely online, with hardly any paperwork and with a very simple and short application. These are the steps to follow to enjoy the quick cash in our account in a few minutes:

Choose how much fast money we need: depending on the expense we have to spend and the cost of funding we can choose, thanks to the online simulators of the fast credit platforms, how much money we want and when we want to reimburse it. These simulators allow us to know the total cost of financing before starting any application process to be able to calculate in advance if we will be able to reimburse the quick mini-credits within the term.

Complete the online form with our economic and personal data so that the entity can perform the credit analysis and evaluate if we are sufficiently solvent to repay the requested credit without problems. Filling out this form will only take a few minutes.

Send the documentation requested by the quick money entity. Usually with some pictures of our identity document and account number will be enough to access the quick credits. To send these documents will be done or through email, attachments in the form. Sometimes you can also use online identification applications to hire fast loans without paperwork.

Read and sign the contract: once the entity has analyzed our profile and has approved the application, it will send us an email with the fast online credit agreement. We must read it carefully and, if we agree with the clauses that appear, sign it and re-send it to formalize the request for urgent money loans.

Receive the money: at the moment in which the lender receives the signed contract will automatically make the transfer of the money fast so that we can have it in our account in a matter of minutes.

Following these steps we will not have any problem in accessing the quick credits that we want to request as long as we comply with the conditions required by the entities to be able to contract them. Although the entity slightly changes the steps to follow, the vast majority usually have the same recruitment protocol.

How to repay fast personal loans

How to repay fast personal loans

Each type of credit has different financing and contracting characteristics and are also different when it comes to returning them. In order to be able to repay the urgent loans, the entities put at our disposal different refund methods with which we can settle the requested credit:

Bank transfer to the entity: it is the most used alternative with fast loans. Simply we must indicate, both in the online banking or in our office, the account number of the entity and the capital to be reimbursed. It is important to indicate in the concept our identifying data so that the entity knows that we have reimbursed it on time. We must bear in mind that if the lender’s account is not from the same bank as ours, this transfer may take several days to become effective and we must have this eventuality.

Quick cash back cash: we can return the fast online credit with cash through an ATM or at the entity’s window, indicating the account number and the relevant information to verify that it is our payment in the concept. Fast loans usually put at our disposal different accounts in different entities so that we can go to the one that suits us best. To make this type of refund we must go to a branch of the entity where the company of fast loans has an account.

Domiciliar the payment to our account: it is the form of refund more typical in the fast personal loans of superior amounts. It is about scheduling the payment of the credit along with your interest on the agreed date as if it were an invoice or a receipt. In this way the payment will be charged automatically in our current account as well as if it were the payment of a receipt.

Payment with cards: it is as if it were an online purchase. To carry out the payment, we must do it from the lender’s platform, entering in the section that indicates the data of our debit card. In this case it will not be necessary to enter the identifying data since we will do it from our user on the web.

Depending on the type of quick credit that we have hired, the way to reimburse it will be predetermined, although there are more and more entities that will allow us to choose the refund method that most interests us. Regardless of the type of reimbursement, it is important that the payment is always well identified so that we do not have any misunderstandings with the fast loans institution.

What do I do if I can not pay for the quick mini-credits?

Always, before requesting any type of financing, we must be completely sure of being able to face the reimbursement. However. if, in the event of any unforeseen event, we are unable to do so, there are two options that will allow us to repay the loan more comfortably without falling into default:

To avoid default, the best option is to request an extension, that is, extend the refund period a few more days until we can recover our economy and return the quick credit online. It is a cheaper option than not paying since, in general, the interests of the extension are similar to the usual interests and we would only pay for the days of more than we have the credit. On the other hand, in the event of default, the interest is higher and, in addition, other penalties may be charged for the delay.

To better understand how they will charge us according to the option we go to, in the following table we can see how the costs of two quick mini-credits of € 100 evolve to be repaid in 30 days, with an average cost of 1.1% per day and an extension or a non-payment of 15 additional days to the agreed term: