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Loans without payroll

In the economic and labor circumstances that we currently face in the country, there are times when we need some type of urgent loan but we can not request it from any of the traditional banking entities, because we do not have employment and, therefore, neither roster. So, due to this need, no-payroll loans have emerged.

These digital microorganisms are aimed at all those people who have an urgent need for quick money, without much paperwork and, of course, without a payroll. Therefore, they have all kinds of facilities so that you can get them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And where are the loans without online payroll born?

When looking for loans without payroll, we must bear in mind that payroll is one of the greatest guarantees that the bank has to know that the person requesting the loan will be able to return the borrowed money without any type of setback. Having a payroll domiciled is not necessary to access a loan, but it is usually of great help to your authorization, or it could even help to obtain a much lower interest than normal.

Luckily, online banks have been created that offer non-payroll loans to unemployed people, and their conditions are very low.

The same is always good to remind all users of the same that, although through this method they obtain benefits that a traditional bank would generally reject, once they decide to make loans without payroll through this procedure, they will be sharing private information online that could then be be used against you That is, to be victims of a scam.

Requirements to access a loan without a payroll

Requirements to access a loan without a payroll

As mentioned before, these digital microorganisms are born due to the need to be able to obtain fast money, without much paperwork and, of course, without having a payroll.

  • Usually some of the requirements necessary to apply for a loan without a payroll are: being of legal age, having a mobile phone and a bank account and legally residing in Spain, being a holder of a DNI or an NIE in case of being a foreigner.
  • If you meet all these requirements, you are one step away from being able to apply for a loan without payroll in any of the online banks that are just one click away from your reach. As long as you take into account that you must ensure that it is a reliable and secure network to whom you will provide your personal information.

 Platforms that offer loans without payroll

At present there are several platforms that allow loans without payroll and are some of them we collect below. However, the conditions and requirements of each entity may vary according to their needs, or appear new signatures that also offer the same services and, although they do not fit in our top, they could work correctly.

Recall that these new financial modalities have been born because in recent years the heat of a financial crisis has closed the market to possibilities for bank loans, so they have increased the independent lenders that offer loans without fast payroll, multiplying the offer and competition, which has made the requirements to achieve them increasingly smaller.