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Instant mini-loans

Instant mini-loans are those credits that sometimes you need to give quick solution to an unpredictable economic situation, since sometimes you do not count on it, and what seems simple can become a desperate moment.

For that reason, instant mini-loans began to be granted by private lenders. Lenders who make a cumbersome process with their traditional banking, one without endorsements, cumbersome paperwork, overwhelming waiting or unnecessary explanations, with maximum speed, comfort, security and discretion.

Did you already know that you could count on these services in extreme financial situations?

If you still do not understand very well what are these cybernetic platforms that grant instant mini-loans, then everything you should know about them.

How much money can you get with instant mini-loans?

Getting a loan with a traditional bank is a relatively fast process and in most cases it only takes a few days.

However, there are times when we need money more urgently, almost immediately. So to respond to these situations have emerged a series of instant mini – credits that can be accessed in a fleeting manner.

The instant mini-loans are designed to provide extra liquidity in the event of unexpected incidentals, so the maximum amounts will always depend on whether it is a new client or not.

  • If it is a new client: As the entity does not know us and does not know how our financial behavior will be, the maximum amount that can be achieved with the instant mini-loans will not exceed 300 euros.
  • If you are already a client: if you have previously worked with a lender, you already have your trust, so you can access a higher amount of money and a much more agile application process.

Requirements to apply for instant mini-loans

As in any other type of procedure, there is a certain amount of requirements to access the instant mini-loans.

These are much more flexible than those required by traditional banks to be able to contract their financing products (we recommend you to quote with your trusted bank first), but it will be necessary to comply with a minimum of requirements for your application to be approved.

Some of the requirements that must be met in most cases for a lender to approve your request are:

  • Have justifiable continuous income.
  • Be of legal age
  • Be an official resident of Spain.
  • Do not belong to any list of defaulters.
  • Have a mobile number to be contacted directly.
  • Have an account to which the transfer will be made.

The application forms for instant mini-loans

To begin the application process for instant mini-loans, the first step you will have to take is to fill out the application form.

This form will give the bank the necessary information to be able to carry out an analysis of your profile and know if it meets the requirements.

Normally, these are the data that lenders need to verify that they meet all the requirements to apply for instant mini-loans:

  • Amount and term of the mini loan: refers to the amount you want to order and the settlement period that best suits you.
  • Personal information: including your name and surnames, date of birth and the number of your identity document.
  • Economic situation: they will evaluate your usual income and expenses.
  • Employment situation.
  • Contact information: your current residence address, phone number, email; All the necessary data so that the entity that will grant you your instant mini-loans can contact you.