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I need a loan or credit in installments

Installment loans, a booming offer

The installment loans have become one of the most requested types of loans, for the convenience of being able to return the money in small monthly installments, postponing the requested capital.

As we usually do in Instant Mini Credits, we will respond to the query of one of our users, who writes to us requesting information about which are the financial companies offering installment loans on the spot, to pay for an unforeseen expense. We leave you with your email:

Where can I get a loan or a mini-credit in installments?

Good Morning!

My name is Miguel and I am thinking of applying for my first loan, and that is why I would like you to be able to provide me with information about which financial institutions offer credit in installments. I have a payroll of 1100 euros per month.

Thanks for your time, regards!

Minicredit on installments: everything you need to know

Our user raises a very specific question: what are the best financial to apply for a mini loan in installments? Question to which we will offer a quick response, with each and every one of the financial companies offering this type of service. And is that not all offer the possibility of making the return of money in comfortable monthly installments.

Fast money in installments: where to get it?

We started Financial One, a financial company that offers us money in installments with a limitation of 300 euros for first customers and that offers credits of up to 900 euros, to be repaid within a period of up to 26 weeks and that also accepts Financial Credit Institutions.

Financial Two also offers loans in installments to be repaid in installments, up to a maximum of 64 days, and for amounts of up to 600 euros (minimum of 300 for first customers).

We continue Financial Three, a financial company that offers us installment loans for amounts between 100 and 3000 euros, which we can reimburse in installments of up to 36 months. As if that were not enough, they grant quick loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

Advantages of microcredits in installments

Some financial institutions allow the deferred payment of their credits

As we can see, there are many options we have to choose when making a request for a mini credit in installments.

Before choosing a financial institution, we recommend you take a look at the main characteristics of each of them, to see which one will best fit our profile, as well as offering us better conditions, as for example, there are fast financial in terms that do not offer loans to profiles with Financial Credit Institutions, so it is important to compare and learn well before making a decision.

Once we have a clear idea of ​​the financial chosen, we will simply have to make an online credit application, which will be managed in a matter of minutes, in a simple and easy process, which is one of its main advantages, since it allows us to access to the money in a matter of 15 minutes.

Money in installments for a specific moment

Fast installment loans are designed to cover specific expenses that catch us at the end of the month, or those that we can not cope with our usual salary, so that is why when we use them we need to do it in a responsible way, betting on the forecast, and having total certainty that we will be able to cover the monthly installments within the term established in the contract associated with the mini-credit.

And is that the possibility of having access to fast money in installments is not an excuse to invest or spend without being proactive, because in the event that we can not cope with the monthly payments to return the loan, we could have serious problems accumulated a debt that could exceed in its amount more than double the requested mini-credit.

Apply for mini credits in installments in a responsible manner

Currently, financial institutions have taken a big step to get “in line” with the needs of Spanish society. And is that given the great economic crisis that still continues to affect the population, the loan companies have had to take action on the matter to evolve their credit offers and thus be able to grant the demands of citizens, as is the case of the loans to pay in installments.

However, as consumers, we must act responsibly and not abuse these credit offers. Although for a moment we think “I need a loan”, we must assess if we really have the capacity to request it. As we mentioned in the previous point, not take care of the payments required when hiring these loans can be really expensive.

Tips to avoid problems in contracting loans in installments

In the case where you value that you are really able to apply for this loan or credit installment, we advise you to take into account the following tips, are three small steps, so that you have in mind and thus be able to avoid some displeasure in the long run.

  • Find out : if you are on our website it is that this step you are fulfilling perfectly. Read and research about all the entities that can offer you what you are looking for, as in this case is money in installments.
  • Compare : once with all the information collected you should compare it. How do you do this? Very easy. You have to ask yourself questions such as: which one is more expensive, which gives me more time to return it, which adjusts to my socio-economic position in which I am, which respects my demands (being in Financial Credit Institutions, without endorsement, without payroll, etc.), for example.
  • Decide : once you have made this great screen, you will have in your hand one or a few more offers (if there are many, then better). Now, you must ask yourself if you meet the requirements that the entities ask of you: if you are old enough, if you reside in the country that is asked, if you have the papers in the norm, etc. Now, with this point made, you only have to choose.

And remember, these steps are not mandatory, they are simple tips that as you have been able to verify will not take you long, and can really save you dislikes in the long run. Do not forget that the consumption of mini credits in installments (and of all types) must be responsible and punctual.