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Fast loans for freelancers

Nowadays, in order to obtain quick credits for self-employed people, companies have many problems if they wish to do so through traditional or conventional banking entities, since their income is irregular. Banks tend to close their doors at the moment of a financial need.

Because of this, people who are autonomous decide to opt for another form of financing such as fast loans for freelancers offered by many private equity companies or lenders through the Internet.

However, there are many types of quick credits for freelancers as well as, there are some obstacles.

Types of quick credits for freelancers

In recent years the financial market in Spain has grown a lot and quickly due to the number of private equity companies and lenders that now offer an alternative to the demand for financing.

Said demand is thanks to the helplessness of the banking entities, which hardly manage to meet our needs and financial emergencies, however, now with new companies we can opt for fast loans for self-employed people.

Let’s see the different types of quick credits for freelancers that can be acquired:

  • Personal loans for particular projects: this loan allows us to embark on that life project that we always wanted
  • Lines of credits for self-employed and SMEs: this financing is granted once a month until the maximum granted by the entity, this will be reimbursed for what we found spent the previous month (with interest), can reach a maximum of 12 months
  • Mini-credits instantly: this loan allows us to obtain a small financing and return it within a period of 30 days
  • Loans with mortgage guarantee: this financing allows us to obtain 40% of the value of our home or property, this type of financing is very useful to launch new projects, however, the non-payment could cause us to suffer an embargo of the property

Quick credits for freelancers

Requirements to obtain quick credits for freelancers

  • Your business must be registered in Spain: it is possible that your business has to go through other requirements depending on the product that your business offers.
  • Minimum annual billing: our financing will depend on the income we obtain.
  • The seniority of the company: the private equity companies and lenders that provide services for the self-employed usually demand that the company has a time in the market, to limit the risk involved in investing in your company to verify the solvency and potential what the project has

Documents needed to obtain fast credits for freelancers

The basic documentation that can be required when requesting fast credits for self-employed is the following:

  • Declaration and income of the patrimony
  • Registration document as self-employed
  • Justification of stable income
  • Document showing the antiquity of the business
  • NIF of all the people involved in the project
  • Debt receipts
  • Last payments made to social security

Once all the previous documentation has been demonstrated there will be no problem and you will be able to immediately obtain your fast credit for freelancers.